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Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Atlas

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
​After teasing and taunting us, Mercedes has whipped the cover off the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 at Pebble Beach. The enormous coupe harks back to a time where excess wasn’t frowned upon on the outside, but is thoroughly modern underneath the skin. Put simply, it looks brilliant.   Read more
A team of researchers from Southwestern University has created a bandage with a single purpose in mind –​ giving the body a helping hand in healing diabetic wounds.   Read more
To many people, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 represents an unachievable dream car. It manages to toe the line between standing out and still looking reasonably restrained. But what happens when all caution is thrown to the wind? Well, it probably looks something like the new 888 hp Scaldarsi Emperor 1.   Read more
​Thanks to services like Skype, Slack and Facetime, there’s no shortage of ways to communicate and collaborate through voice and video conferencing. But Solaborate sees all this as clumsy and bloated, and is attempting to simplify the process with its new webcam, Hello.  Read more
It seems something has finally twigged in boardrooms around Detroit, and a slew of recent concept and production cars suggest American luxury is undergoing a modern resurgence. The Cadillac Escala Concept is yet more proof.   Read more
​If those weird vintage fishbowl helmets can become cool again, why not the dustbin fairing? Vanguard clothing has commissioned an imposing-looking replica of the extraordinary 1956 Moto Guzzi V8 – even if it leaves out the V8 engine that made the original bike such an iconic machine.   Read more
Exoplanet GJ 1132b may be the first rocky planet outside our solar system where we detect oxygen in the atmosphere. But ET enthusiasts shouldn’t get their hopes up – orbiting extremely close to its star, the sweltering planet likely has a strong greenhouse effect and a magma ocean on its surface.  Read more
A team of scientists at Flinders University in Australia have developed a new technique for analyzing gunshot residue that is so sensitive that it's possible to match residue with a specific brand of ammunition.   Read more
​Say you’re flicking through a lifestyle magazine, or photos of a living room, and you spot a lamp or a chair that would go great in your own home. But how do you find that exact one? A new system can run photos of furniture through a neural network and identify the make, model and where to buy it.   Read more
​Congestion is at an all-time high, and there's no respite in sight for motorists. Airbus thinks autonomous commuter aircraft could be the solution, and is actively working to make it happen within the next decade.   Read more
Despite evidence that land-based animals evolutionarily came from the sea, scientists still struggle to determine how fish eventually developed limbs. Now, a new study furthers our understanding of this evolution by shedding light on the relationship between fish fins and fingers.  Read more
Chinese scientists claim to have launched the world's first quantum communications satellite with which they intend to experiment with quantum communication and teleportation from space, in the hope of one day producing an entire global network of quantum communication systems.   Read more
If you're ready to welcome in the era of self-driving cars in person, you may want to head to Pittsburgh later this month. Uber and Volvo have signed a deal to team up on developing autonomous driving technology, beginning with ferrying Uber customers around the Pennsylvania city.   Read more
​​Is it possible to receive a newly hand-written letter from Abraham Lincoln? Of course not, but thanks to research being carried out at University College London, you could now get a computer-written facsimile of one.   Read more
A large-scale program has pinpointed animal genes closely associated with age-related conditions such as retinal degeneration, osteoarthritis and hearing loss. The insights could help in the development of screening tests to identify human patients at risk of developing such conditions.   Read more
Using their recently developed transparent wood as a window for a model home, scientists have found that not only does it let in a similar amount of light to glass, but it is much better at keeping the interior cool.   Read more
A San Francisco-based startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a portable air conditioner that packs more than just a rotary compressor. The Zero Breeze is designed to illuminate, play music over Bluetooth, power devices, and last up to five hours on its rechargeable battery.   Read more
Helsinki has welcomed the driverless EZ10 bus onto its roads, but this project will be a little different to the closed-loop trials to go before it. In the city's Hernesaari district, the bus will be let off the leash along routes with real traffic for the first time.   Read more
​​NASA, in conjunction with global innovation consultant organization NineSigma, has launched a new competition aimed at pushing the limits of robotic dexterity.   Read more
Resorts in the Maldives like Finolhu Villas and the Hurawalhi Island Resort and Spa aim to offer unforgettable luxury experiences, but the soon-to-open Soneva Jani resort will offer something that no others do. Retractable roofs in the bedrooms of its villas will let guests sleep under the stars.   Read more
The world's "largest observation wheel" is set to open in New York in 2018. The aptly-named "New York Wheel" was due to open next year, but the scale of the project has required that the launch date be pushed back. When it does open, visitors will be able to take in views out across New York Bay.   Read more
​​As any bicycle mechanic will tell you, it's crucial to apply the right amount of torque when tightening components on a bike. That's why many cyclists use a torque wrench … and the Crankl might just be the simplest and potentially least-expensive one ever made.​   Read more
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