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Saturday, August 27, 2016

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August 26, 2016

The IAFF has released information on the growing numbers of firefighters at risk for PTSD and cancer. You can read the details HERE.

Registration is open for the NFFF 2nd Annual National Stair Climb. Find all the details here to register and climb - even if you can't make it to New York City - HERE.

Fireground tactics is our theme for August. What issues and challenges has your department faced in understanding the latest fire behavior research? Send your comments in an email so that we can share them in a later story.
Bill Carey, Online News Manager

Aftershocks Add to Earthquake Damage in Italy 

$subtitles.get($x)Strong aftershocks damaged two key access roads into quake-struck Amatrice on Friday, threatening to isolate the tiny hilltop town as hopes dimmed that firefighters would find any more survivors from the earthquake that killed at least 267 people. 

Vehicles: Multi-Purpose Apparatus 

$subtitles.get($x)“What we also liked was that the vehicle has an 11-foot, nine-inch stabilizer spread that allows us to set up in narrow streets, alleys, and cul-de-sacs,” 

Operations: Air Management 

$subtitles.get($x)We owe it to those who have gone before us to try to prevent more LODDs in the future. The creation, implementation, and integration of an air management policy give us a way to do it. 

Baltimore Firefighter Surprises Neighborhood Boy with Gift 

Firefighters respond to all kinds of emergencies. They don't usually show up to deliver a gift. So when a member of Engine 33 went to a Baltimore boy's home with a gift, the family was touched. See More Videos

Gallery: Search and Rescue in Italy 

Firefighters search through debris of a collapsed building following an earthquake in Amatrice, central Italy. (Italian Firefighters via AP) See More Galleries

In Defense of the Senior Man 

The senior man is a valuable source of experience for subject matters related to doing your job and also the administration of your department. Read More from Fire EMS Blogs
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