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Saturday, August 20, 2016

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It's time again for IAFC's Fire-Rescue International Convention and Expo. We will continue to update this page for coverage of the seminars and new firefighting products. If you are attending, visit us at Booth 24113 for some cool FireRescue1 and Fire Chief swag.
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Cause of NC FF's LODD determined
NY fire district reaches flag display agreement
Okla. FF dies after battle with cancer
Texas union censures chief a second time: During a vote last month, 490 of 563 firefighters expressed their disapproval of the chief
Furious Calif. wildfire leaves trail of destruction: "In my 40 years of fighting fire, I've never seen fire behavior so extreme"
NASA's artificial intelligence could be FFs' 'guardian angel': AUDREY, an artificial intelligence system, could revolutionize how firefighters battle fires
17 NY FFs injured in 6-alarm blaze
Dog dies protecting infant from fire
Pa. dept. collects donations for flood-ravaged communities
Off-duty Conn. firefighter saves woman from dogs
US Air Force to change fire foam due to water contamination
NY volunteer depts. receive 100K in federal funding
Public Safety Telecommunicator and Tactical Dispatcher
This manual meets the requirements of the Tele-communicator and new Incident Tactical Dispatcher certifications. This course is designed for individuals whose primary responsibility is to receive emergency calls from the public.
Contact Alabama Fire College Bookstore
911: To call or not to call?
By Will Wyatt, FR1 Columnist
Some give only passing thought to this Shakespearean dilemma, while others suffer paralysis by analysis.
Educating the misguided 
Fire truck fuel additives: What you need to know
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Diesel fuel additives serve an important role in protecting and enhancing a rig's engine. Here's the low down on them.
Increase performance 
Blauer releases pathogen-resistant parka
By FR1 Staff
The parka comes in high visibility and dark navy with multiple external pockets.
Check it out 
Flow chart: What type of credit card should you pick?
By Megan Wells, FR1 Contributor
According to data, firefighters are 1.23 times more likely than other consumers to have a credit card. Are you selecting the correct one?
Find your fit 
How to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters
Chief Norvin Collins looks at practical ways to overcome the time demands placed on volunteers, which is the leading reason they quit.
Watch the video 
Firefighters battle Ariz. blaze
Calif. firefighters battle multiple structure fires
FireRescue1 Academy - Train Before It Matters
A full-service learning management system with nearly 300 online courses to meet recertification and compliance needs. 
Learn more here
Get Free Grant Help for Patient Simulation Products
Laerdal has partnered with our grant experts to offer your department free grant assistance for patient simulation.
Get free help today
1,904New study estimates 20 percent of firefighters, paramedics have PTSD
947NY fire district ordered to remove US flag from rigs
388Calif. wildfire grows to 30K acres, 80K evacuated from homes
287NASA's artificial intelligence could be firefighters' 'guardian angel'
254US Air Force to change fire foam due to water contamination
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