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Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
The University of Adelaide have statistically proven that some of the oldest standing stones in Britain were constructed to align with solar and lunar movements.​   Read more
We recently got our paws on a pre-release Microsoft HoloLens​, by far the most advanced AR headset, and we have some thoughts on the pros and cons of its augmented worlds, how they size up next to VR and where this could all be heading.​   Read more
​Tascam has released two USB interfaces designed to help podcasters focus on the content rather than complicated equipment. The Ministudio series is made up of a Personal edition stocked with essential podcasting tools and a Creator edition that adds advanced audio and video production features.  Read more
If you like the idea of getting in touch with nature but want to do so without sacrificing your home comforts, then the Cocoon may be of interest. The semi-permanent dwelling certainly looks roomy inside, and includes a bathroom with shower and a kitchenette.   Read more
​Next to E3, Gamescom is one of the main red letter dates on the gamer calendar, with the big studios taking the time to drop new trailers and details on the games coming over the holiday season and into the new year. Read on as New Atlas picks out the best on show this year.   Read more
Unfortunately for restless pooches, these fancy mattresses haven't really made the jump into the animal kingdom. Casper wants to change that with its new Dog Mattress, which takes the latest in bed technology and adapts it for our four legged friends. ​   Read more
Twelve-time world Trials champion Dougie Lampkin is sizing up the storied Isle of Man TT course – all 37.7 miles and hundreds of corners’ worth of it – and preparing to wheelie the whole way around in a stunt to be televised by Red Bull.   Read more
​With portable projectors getting smaller and better at throwing videos from your phone up on the wall, LG has announced two new battery-powered entries into its Minibeam line: the Ultra-Short Throw (UST) PH450U, and the compact PH150G.   Read more
There are plenty of impressive eReader alternatives to Amazon's Kindle coming from smaller brands like Kobo. The Canadian company's latest is the Aura One, a 7.8-inch eReader designed not to disturb the circadian rhythm of late-night bookworms.   Read more
McLaren has let its MSO (McLaren Special Operations) division loose on the 570GT. The result, McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept, will be shown in full at next week's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, but the company has teased a handful of images and details ahead of the debut.   Read more
Taking photos on a DSLR is one thing, broadcasting them to social media is another. The new Nikon D3400 is designed to make lightning-quick image sharing easier, connecting to smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy for faster file transfers through the brand's SnapBridge software.   Read more
The world's largest aircraft has taken to the skies for the first time in its new guise as the Airlander 10. On Wednesday afternoon local time, the airship from Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) made its short maiden voyage at a UK airfield, after a technical issue grounded a previous attempt on Sunday.   Read more
Typically, at controlled railway crossings, hard-wired sensors are used to detect when trains are coming. Now, however, researchers at Britain's University of Huddersfield are creating tiny wireless sensors that are powered by vibrations in the rails themselves.​   Read more
The perfect low and no-calorie sweeteners continue to be a holy grail. Now scientists may have another, more sugar-like option called brazzein that comes from fruit.   Read more
Lithium-ion batteries are great at storing lots of energy in tight spaces, but can run into trouble at high temperatures. Researchers have just thrown up one possible answer to this problem, building a solid-state lithium-ion battery that can be heated to 100° Celsius without bursting into flames.​   Read more
​​Concrete may generally be a good choice for sidewalks, but it is a brittle material. That's why scientist have created bendable concrete that they say could be easily applied in the form of relatively thin, light paving slabs.​  Read more
​Intel has dabbled in drones in the past, but is now looking to be a driving force behind the technology's rise, announcing a ready-to-fly drone called Aero that really is a software developer kit designed to usher in new applications.  Read more
Over the years, the ONR has produced some impressive innovations, from unmanned sub-chasing ships to self-healing paint for armored vehicles. Now, it’s turned its attention towards producing new electrical materials, looking to nature for inspiration.   Read more
Plenty of DJs have a cheesy taste in music, but none have ever taken it so far as to play their records on a pizza box. They can now though, courtesy of Pizza Hut's newly-created playable pizza box turntables, which connect to DJ software on a laptop or mobile device to put pizza fans in the mix.   Read more
​Is our memory located in our brains or in the cloud? A new study finds that increasingly, the answer seems to be a little of both.   Read more
British manufacturer Norton Motorcycles has officially confirmed the arrival of the new model that has been eagerly expected for more than a year. The company will finally unveil in November a production sport bike with a brand new 1200 cc V4 engine and a tubular aluminum frame, both built in-house.  Read more
Lego has unveiled another product in its popular architecture series. The U.S. Capitol kit will allow you to recreate the seat of the United States Congress, brick-by-brick. It's available on September 1 and will set you back US$99.99.   Read more
It's pretty simple: you need to charge or sync your iPhone. This 3-pack of USB 2.0 cables, courtesy of Apple itself, gives you three ways to do just that. Just connect your Apple device to any USB port, and go to town. As icing on the cake, these babies are MFi-certified, meaning they have Apple's stamp of approval and are guaranteed to safely charge or sync your device each time.   Read more