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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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Princess Cristina awaits verdict as fraud trial ends
La Infanta Cristina and her husband Iñaki Urdangarin arrive at court in January. Photo: AFP
The trial of King Felipe VI's sister, her husband and 17 others wrapped up on Wednesday. 
    Spain's interior minister faces calls to resign over leak
    The recordings appear to show Fernández Diáz conspiring to incriminate political rivals. Photo: AFP
    The leaders of PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos are calling for Jorge Fernandez Diaz to resign, just four days before Spain goes to the polls again. 
      Spanish artist shocks Berlin with 'bloody refugee' mural
      Photo: Christian Peters /Twitter 
      A Spanish artist has riled residents with his massive politically powerful mural daubed across an apartment building in Berlin. 
        Briton found dead after losing way during Barcelona festival
        Sam Alger was discovered dead on farmland on Tuesday. Photo: Missing appeal
        A young British festival goer has been found dead on farmland outside a music festival in Barcelona. 
          Driver caught in carpool lane with doll as fake passenger
          The doll was dressed in a fleece, cap and sunglasses. Photo: Guardia Civil 
          A man has been caught driving with a life size doll in his passenger seat in a lane especially for cars carrying more than one person. 
            EU Referendum
            'I'll always stand up for Gibraltar' insists Cameron
            David Cameron urged Britons to vote to remain in the EU. Photo: AFP
            British Prime Minister David Cameron has a very special message for Gibraltar.  
              Spanish elections: What are the possible outcomes?
              The leaders of Spain's four main parties. Photo: AFP
              Spaniards will cast ballots for the second time in six months in repeat polls on Sunday that may see the conservatives remain in power, even if many vote for left-wing parties. 
                Shocker as Spain lose to Croatia in Euro 2016 clash
                Spain fans react with shock at Croatia's late second goal. Photo: AFP
                Ivan Perisic's last gasp winner gave Croatia a 2-1 win over Spain that condemned the defending European champions to a heavyweight last 16 clash against Italy.  
                  Spain wakes up to 'hipster' craze with its first cereal café
                  Photo: Sara Houlison
                  As the craze for dining out on breakfast cereal goes global, The Local visits Spain's first cereal bar. 
                    Forget red, white or rosé: The future of Spanish wine is blue
                    Can blue wine challenge pink? Photo: Gik
                    A Spanish start-up has come up with an ingenious, or some would say ‘blasphemous’, modern twist on traditional vino. 3 comments
                      Top 10 Spanish treats to keep you cool in summer
                      Spain has some delicious cooling treats to enjoy this summer. Photo: ClubMedUK/Flickr
                      As Spain starts to swelter The Local brings you our list of the best Spanish treats to cool you down as the mercury rises.  
                      The Local list
                      Ten facts you probably didn't know about Spanish wine
                      Spain is the biggest exporter of wine in the world. Photo: LexnGer/Flickr
                      It was the Romans' favourite drink, a muse to Picasso and fell victim to the fascist regime of dicator Francisco Franco. 3 comments
                      The Local list
                      Five brilliant ways to beat the crowds in Barcelona
                      Escape the crowds of tourists for some more relaxed locations in the city. Photo: Quique Garcia / AFP
                      As the summer tourists begin the swarm over the city, discover some of Barcelona's more hidden gems... 
                      Why this bionic limb pioneer doesn't believe in disability
                      Hugh Herr has been award Spain's top science prize. Photo: FPA
                      The Local speaks to Hugh Herr on winning Spain's top science prize and how being an amputee doesn't make him disabled. 
                      Ten top tips to avoid being pickpocketed in Spain
                      Barcelona is the world's pickpocketing capital. Photo: AFP
                      Don't let pickpockets ruin your day. Here is a run down of the most common scams used in Spain to help you avoid becoming a victim. 2 comments
                      More news
                      Whatever happened to Spain's pop sensation Las Ketchup?
                      The Ketchup Song is one of the biggest selling singles ever. Photo: AFP
                      On World Music Day The Local answers the question we’ve all been wondering. Whatever happened to Las Ketchup? 
                      Blight threatens to devastate Spain's sherry grape harvest
                      Sherry producers are worried about this year's crop. Photo: AFP
                      A warm and wet spring has caused havoc in the vineyards of Andalusia where vintners report that fungus is threatening this year’s sherry production. 
                      EU Referendum
                      Brexit vote opens 'Pandora's box' to populism, warns Spain
                      Photo: D Smith/Flickr
                      "I am convinced that the British will be rational," said Spain's Economy Minister. 12 comments
                      Man arrested for unfurling giant Spanish flag in Gibraltar
                      The giant Spanish flag was unfurled on Monday afternoon. Photo: Santiago Abascal/Twitter
                      A leader of right-wing political party, Vox, has been arrested after unfurling a giant Spanish flag across the Rock of Gibraltar.  11 comments
                      Brexit vote
                      Has bureaucracy deprived Brits abroad of their vote?
                      George Cunningham warns that many Brits abroad will have missed the chance to vote. 
                      Thousands of British voters abroad might find their vote in this week's crucial referendum is wasted, after many councils left sending out ballots until the last minute. 
                      From our other editions
                      Asylum applications drop by 55% in Austria
                      Photo: The Local/Angela Giuffrida
                      The number of asylum applications registered in Austria dropped by 55% in the first three months of this year compared to the previous quarter, according to latest EU figures. 
                      The Local List
                      Nine surprising Swiss German words you need to know now
                      Photo: AFP
                      From Büezer to Bünzli, here are nine Swiss German words that speak volumes about a truly unique part of the world. 
                      The Local List
                      Five things to know about guns in Germany
                      Photo: DPA.
                      Germany has one of the highest rates of gun ownership worldwide, yet also one of the lowest rates of gun-related deaths. The Local looks at some other facts that might surprise you. 
                      Largest-ever Viking gold collection found in Denmark
                      Six gold bracelets and a silver one represent the largest-ever Viking treasure trove uncovered in Denmark. Photo: Nick Schaadt, Museet på Sønderskov
                      Three amateur archaeologists have uncovered the largest ever trove of Viking gold in Denmark. 
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                      Five brilliant ways to beat the crowds in Barcelona
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                      Giant inflatable poo goes walkies from town square
                      Spanish study proves fat really ISN'T bad for you
                      President Obama announces three-day visit to Spain in July
                      Couple found dead on yacht in Catalonia after 'drugs binge'
                      Hotting up! Spain set for hotter than average summer
                      'British expats could lose right to live in Spain' warns Rajoy
                      Spanish resort bans blow-up dolls and novelty willies
                      The ultimate guide to Spanish wedding etiquette
                      Spanish police quiz suspect over boy missing since 2007
                      The Spanish gum that cures hangovers AND boosts libido
                      How a quiet Barcelona block became a hotbed of protests