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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Former NBN Boss Reveals Copper Will Cost More Than Fibre 

Former NBN boss Mike Quigley has told the Melbourne University Networked Society Institute that the current copper-based FTTN strategy would end up costing more than the original fibre-optic model, prompting lobby group Internet Australia to renew its call for a review of the National Broadband Network. 
If it continued as planned, Quigley says, the FTTP rollout would have cost $45 billion and been finished by 2021. 

Ben Affleck Is In No Rush To Make His Batman Movie 

Last week, we were fortunate to visit the London set of Justice League. While on set, Ben Affleck approached the journalists in his full batsuit (minus cowl) to talk not just about that movie, but his solo Batman film. Here’s the short version of what he said: It will be ready when it’s ready.

App Deals: Time Your Morning Workouts With Timeless 

Today’s best deals include Twilight for Android, Timeless for iOS and Touchdown for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

The 10 Coolest Google Now On Tap Tricks 

Now on Tap was launched as an extra on top of Google Now last year, and frankly, it was kind of a dud. The feature was slow, unhelpful, and generally pretty annoying. But since its release, Google has been quietly pushing out dozens of new features and tweaks. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, it’s probably time you go back and revisit the feature. Here are 10 great ways you can start making use of the new features Google Now on Tap.

This Is The Best Thing Foxtel Has Ever Done 

Guys. Guys. Get onto the Foxtel website now, and get yourself a subscription. From the morning of Friday July 8th, until the early hours of Monday July 11th, Foxtel has a pop-up channel — on cable TV, online on Foxtel Play, and on mobile on Foxtel Go — playing nothing but back-to-back Fast & Furious films.

Ask Gizmodo: Do I Need Telstra To Stream The State Of Origin? 

Dear Gizmodo, I want to watch the State of Origin online as I have no TV at work. I am not a Telstra mobile customer so I CANNOT watch it using NRL Footy Pass. How can I watch it online in Australia? Arrrrgh, help me! There is nothing on the internet that clearly describes how to get it. I’d like to watch the games on my laptop, preferably for free.

Mille Miglia, The World's Most Beautiful Motor Race 

1,000 miles. 1,600 kilometres. 450 automobiles pre-dating 1957. Called the world’s most beautiful race by Enzo Ferrari. These are the evocative words that only one event called Mille Miglia can spruik. Not that the timeless gathering ever needed to be sold, since it’s been a global phenomenon for petrol heads ever since its inception in 1927.

Gene-Editing Tool Approved For Use In Humans 

Brace yourself for Gattaca comparisons. A powerful gene-editing toolthat could pave the way for genetic engineering has been approved for use in humans to fight cancer.

The Role Your Hands Play In Virtual Reality 

In cases of both virtual and augmented reality, what your hands are doing need to be seen and interpreted. If you can’t interact with your hands in a virtual world, you can’t do anything. Say you want to pick up items from a virtual desktop, drive a virtual car or produce virtual pottery. The hands are obviously key.
A new system has been developed which uses a “convolutional neural network” that mimics the human brain and is capable of “deep learning” to understand the hand’s nearly endless complexity of joint angles and contortions.

What Mystery Project Are Zack Snyder And Geoff Johns Secretly Planning? 

Steven Spielberg confirms George Lucas’ involvement with Indiana Jones 5. Karl Urban really wants Dredd 2 to happen. Arrow casts a former Walking Dead star as a new villain. Plus, a Power Rangersteaser poster for a teaser poster, and more Spider-Man Homecomingcasting. To me, my spoilers!

Pirate Bay Founder Will Sue The Recording Industry For A Change 

Last week the Helsinki District Court decided that Peter Sunde, one of the co-founders of file-sharing portal The Pirate Bay, owes quite a bit of money to the music industry. Specifically, he owes a coalition of Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Universal Music and Warner Music $US400,000 ($533,429), as reported by Torrent Freak. His response? No, screw you.