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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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Tiny house firm Walker Wilderness Enterprises recently designed a tiny house based on a shipping container. The aptly-named Container Tiny House can run on or off-the-grid and comprises a total floorspace of 320 sq ft (29 sq m).Read more
Albert Einstein is famous for his theories on relativity, but what of his other grand hypothesis, the unified field theory that consumed the last 30 years of his life without resolution? So will a unified theory of everything ever be realized?Read more
Bultaco has dramatically widened the appeal of its electric Brinco with three new models, all of them road legal. We took to London's streets on the Brinco S during the world launch held just a stone's throw from Tower Bridge.Read more
A team of scientists at Stanford University have built on a technique called "single-molecule microscopy" to see just how DNA-bound dye molecules orient themselves, flop around and glow in the presence of polarized laser light.Read more
Sphero has announced a new iteration of its education-focused robot ball. The SPRK+ is designed to help teach kids about coding and features a scratch-resistant clear shell to let users see the technology they are controlling. Read more
Living in a cardboard box generally means you've fallen on hard times, but a new cardboard-based tiny house called Nido House makes the idea seem appealing. The off-grid home features a solar power system, rainwater recovery and will be offered in various sizes and designs.Read more
A Microsoft Research project called uLink aims to let you create and share bookmarks that lead to specific pages and locations in mobile apps in much the same way browser bookmarks and the "deep links" all around the web take you to specific pages on a website.Read more
Before we drink cow's milk, it is routinely pasteurized and homogenized to make it safe and consistent. Australian outfit Made by Cow says that this eliminates much of its goodness and flavor, so has created a new cold press method that makes it safe to drink much closer to its fresh state.Read more
The BMW Group has presented three vehicles as a technology showcase, an elaborate celebration for its 100th Anniversary, designed to look forward at the next century of motoring. The showcase features the BMW Vision 100, Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, and now, the Mini Vision Next 100.Read more
The US Food and Drug Administration has just approved the the first human trials of an experimental Zika virus vaccine, with the first subjects to receive their doses in the coming weeks. Read more
An online self-diagnosis will usually elicit a rolling of the eyes and a biting of the tongue from the GP when you do eventually make the trip to the doctor's office. Now Google is making efforts to return more relevant and trustworthy search results when you punch in your symptoms.Read more
​​With an eye on its aging population, Japan is already starting to test the waters with automated construction. Now the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is aiming to take this technology to a place where there are even less able-bodied workers, the undeveloped plains of the Moon and Mars. ​Read more
To give robots a speed boost when moving in unstructured environments, engineers at Duke University have developed a new processor that enables them to perform motion planning 10,000 times faster than conventional methods.Read more
​As symbols of motoring excess go, few can come close to the Mercedes S63 AMG Cabriolet. Sometimes, power and high-end engineering isn't enough, though. Brabus​​ is always willing to step into that void, in this case delivering the world's fastest four-seat convertible: the 850 6.0 Biturbo Cabrio.Read more
With the exception of the rare powerhouse, like the 3,400-watt EGO-kit, aftermarket e-bike kits tend to be modestly powered, designed for speeds between 15 and 20 mph (24 and 32 km/h) or so. The new mid-mounted Bikee Best kit packs more power potential and torque than average.Read more
In an attempt to discover just how easy it is for motorists to be swept away in floodwaters, engineers at the UNSW Water Research Laboratory used actual cars in specially configured test tank – and the results surprised them.Read more
A device known as a "hug machine" reportedly calms hypersensitive people by gently exerting even pressure along their bodies. While some individuals have made their own over the years, Denmark's Gloria Mundi Care is now offering a commercial version, called the OrbisBox.​Read more
The Moto Z​ and latest iPhones tackle the smartphone from opposite directions: bold modularity vs. classic blueprint. Let's compare the features and specs of the Moto Z and iPhone 6s Plus​.Read more
​​​​DARPA has announced the launch of a new project aimed at revolutionizing the U.S. military's command and control capabilities in space. Read more
​Although you could bake a pizza on its surface today, Venus was once cool enough to hold water on its surface. Of course, as the planet heated, that water turned to vapor and should now be trapped in Venus' dense atmosphere. But it's not, and an electric wind is likely to blame.Read more
​Electric guitars that have MIDI control cooked in aren't exactly a new idea. But controlling effects by waving a hand in front of a laser isn't something you see every day. That's precisely what's on offer with one of the three new hand-made Drop guitars from Lithuania's Lava.Read more
​It may not happen often, but it's tragic when it does – parents forget that their baby is in their car, so they leave them in there when they park, and the infant subsequently succumbs to heat stroke. To help minimize the chances of this happening, GM is introducing its Rear Seat Reminder.Read more
It turns out that dinosaurs might not have been the only casualty of an ancient asteroid strike here on Earth. New analysis of the fossil record indicates that a full 93 percent of mammals living at the time also went extinct, a number significantly higher than previously thought.Read more
Visitors to the UK's Glastonbury Festival this week will be able to upload festival spam to their heart's content, with tech and comms partner EE offering free Wi-Fi by way of 4G-enabled topiary artworks. The firm says its provision for Glastonbury is the UK's biggest temporary 4G network.Read more
As part of its move towards mobility, Ford has run an experiment in which it monitored how well people were driving and provided them with a score. This could then be used to provide insights via an app into how driving could be improved, as well as possibly leading to good drivers saving money.Read more
Daihatsu Copen drivers will soon be able to customize their cars with 3D-printed parts in a variety of designs. The Japanese carmaker is said to be one of the first to be making mass-customization available in this way and is working with 3D printing firm Stratasys to develop the system.Read more
Another day, another ho-hum Microsoft Surface clone? Not necessarily. Huawei's take on the detachable 2-in-1​ is an especially sleek and elegant one, combining a unibody design with a build that's lighter and thinner than the Surface Pro 4​. US shoppers can pick one up starting July 11.Read more
Skip the technical jargon and get right to taking amazing, professional-quality photos with this complete training. The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course includes 22 modules filled with tutorials on how to profit off of your photography, or simply capture your memories in the manner they deserve.Read more