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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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FDNY EMT dies after 80-foot fall
Fla. paramedics say Orlando shooting brought them together
FDNY Chief who died on 9/11 laid to rest
Ohio city to pay $1.2 million for medics' delay in treating woman:Attorneys said medics did not check the woman's vital signs, connect her to an EKG machine or follow cardiac arrest protocol
2 paramedics, 2 civilians injured in Maine ambulance crash: The ambulance was running lights and sirens at the time of the crash
Fla. 911 call system suffers 'scary' four-hour disruption: A report said a mixture of human and technological error during a software upgrade rendered the system unstable
Man speeds off with paramedic who revived him from overdose
NY stabbing victim dies after ambulance crashes
Fla. governor thanks Orlando 911 dispatch center
Woman rescues 5-year-old son from mountain lion's jaws
EMS assistant chief retires after 40-year career
14 children die after boats overturn on lake in Russia
Introducing the Oregon Spine Splint II
The Oregon Spine Splint (OSS) is the only vest type immobilizer on the market that meets all established criteria for seated patient immobilization while allowing total access to the anterior torso for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment.
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Halyard Health Launches Innovative BLACK-FIRE* Exam Gloves for First Responder
New BLACK-FIRE nitrile exam gloves offer the unique ability to detect rips and tears by revealing a high-visibility orange inner layer through the breach.
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6 success steps for diagnosing altered level of consciousness
By Kevin Grange, EMS1 Columnist
Focus on assessing and treating the patient's basic life threats before interrogating bystanders or investigating the scene.
Remember SNOT 
How to prepare EMS students to succeed in high-stress environments
By Gustavo E. Flores, EMS1 Contributor
Educators must use these four steps when planning to add stress to a drill for EMT and paramedic students.
Best practices 
Pharmaceuticals in EMS: Are you compliant?
By Dean Meenach, EMS1 Columnist
The Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates pharmaceutical tracking, tracing and documentation for EMS agencies.
Cover your bases 
Quiz: 5 Things to know about capnography
By Sean Hulsman, EMS1 Contributor
A solid understanding of what it reveals can mean the difference between quality care and respiratory arrest.
Test your knowledge 
How to stay calm during emergency response
By Lenwood Brown III, EMS1 Columnist
A comic for EMS drawing off the real experiences of EMS.
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Reality Training: Citizens as first care providers at fire and EMS incidents
Paramedic shares memorable moments from two decades in EMS
1,229How to perform effective CPR on a pet
540Man speeds off with paramedic who revived him from overdose
480EMT dies after 80-foot fall
3273 things paramedics need to know about seizures and respiratory compromise
282Ill. couple thanks paramedics, firefighters by donating CPR machine
One Dozen Convenience (emesis bag) Bags for Emesis Disposal
From GKR Industries
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June 27th, 2016
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