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Saturday, June 4, 2016

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June 3, 2016|View as webpage
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Report: Incremental alarms better for firefighter heart health
Fire kills 11 at Qatar migrant worker camp
3 FFs injured at 5-alarm fire
Indian firefighter: Depot fire casualties were avoidable: The firefighter on scene said officers should have ordered the firefighters out of the area
Fairfax firefighter’s union want top investigator out: Internal affairs investigator was placed on leave for posting lewd, offensive remarks weeks after Mittendorff's suicide
3 FF pension-reform bills sent to La. governor: The legislation settled a dispute that has been going on for nearly 40 years
Augmented reality visors help firefighters navigate fires
Firefighters responding to Texas shooting scene shot at
Judge: Fire chief wrongfully terminated
Fla. FF killed in crash had high BAC
NY board shuts down fire dept.
Calif. fire station robbed, video shows thieves
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PPE Software is Excited to Announce its New SCBA Pro
PPE Software takes a streamlined approach that adapts to the fire service industry's needs. For a limited time, new customers who purchase Bunker Gear Pro software will receive our SCBA Pro online tool absolutely FREE!
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1 medic's story: How I was assaulted, sexually harassed into quitting
By Anyonymous
The harassment and assaults began when she was 16 and continued for years, with those in charge treating her as the perpetrator.
Moving forward 
Double amputation can't stop firefighter's paramedic quest
By Greg Friese, FR1 Columnist
Noah Filer came out of a coma to learn he was a double amputee and his firefighting career was over — then he became a paramedic.
Overcoming obstacles 
7 things you should and should not spend your first paycheck on
By Megan Wells, FR1 Contributor
A brand-new paycheck may bring on spending temptation — but resist the urge to splurge.
Spend wisely 
How to buy portable dump tanks
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Here's a look at seven tank options and which applications they best fit.
Make the right choice 
Be the spotter
Being a spotter can help build confidence and independence for new firefighters. 
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Firefighters raise flags to welcome back Fort McMurray residents
Firefighters narrowly avoid exploding transformer
9126 questions firefighter medics should ask on every crash scene
9097 reasons for annual firefighter physical tests
7468 traits great firefighters share
530Kids with water guns knock down fire, save man
481Top 3 firefighting school grads are women
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