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Saturday, June 4, 2016

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June 3, 2016|View as webpage
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Medical helicopter crashes just after loading a patient
Multiple ambulance crashes in Mo., Mich.
AEMT prepares for Ms. United States competition
Firefighters balk at medic-only staff changes: The city proposed training medics for single duty and reducing the number of firefighters on engines
Report: Incremental alarms better for firefighter heart health: The updated alarms yield lower heart rates and can prevent cardiac arrest in firefighters
Fairfax firefighter-paramedic’s union want top investigator out:Internal affairs investigator was placed on leave for posting lewd, offensive remarks weeks after Mittendorff's suicide
Dispatcher gives life-saving CPR instructions for 2-year-old
Okla. ambulance service shut down
Army, emergency crews search for 4 missing soldiers
AMR announces layoffs in rural Wash. county
EMT rescues 4-year-old boy from locked car
Japanese boy, 7, abandoned in forest by parents
Next Generation Technology
ESI's new technology outperforms industry standards with an unprecedented PDC (Power Distribution Center). The Power System includes new lithium ion battery technology and upgraded Inverter technology featuring PDC Exterior Annunciator and intelligent battery charging system.
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Get Grants Help for Patient Simulation
EMSGrantsHelp and Laerdal Medical have teamed up to assist your department in getting funding for patient simulation CPR Manikins, ALS Manikins, Skills Trainers, & more.
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7 recommendations to reduce impacts of fatigue
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Errors in patient care and EMS provider health concerns are raising awareness of the risks of prolonged work hours.
Combat fatigue 
Impaired consciousness isn't just for EMS patients
By Michael Morse, EMS1 Columnist
Use this checklist to see if lack of sleep is making you or your partner dangerous to one another, your patients and the community.
Are you dreaming? 
Firefighter grant scam alert
By Jerry Brant, EMS1 Contributor
With new grant awards comes a new twist by scammers, here's how to not get duped.
Stay alert 
10 intravenous access tips
By Kevin Grange, EMS1 Columnist
Use these tips to ensure you obtain IV access each and every time.
Forget 'poke and pray' 
Discussion and review of this week's news
Our co-hosts discuss a range of news topics, including a double amputee paramedic and a young boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure.
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Top 5 EMS videos of May 2016
Ambulance runs light, hits scooter
253EMS providers can't afford to be obese
179Medical helicopter crashes just after loading a patient
156Navy Blue Angels fighter jet crashes near Nashville, killing pilot
127AMR announces layoffs in rural Wash. county
1207 things you should and should not spend your first paramedic paycheck on
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