Despite heavy criticism, Austria's Chancellor has long resisted a withdrawal - and eventually abandoned. His successor at the head of the SPÖ deemed swift Strippenzieher. From Cathrin Kahlweit, Vienna more ...
  • resignation Faymann
    Politics career full of reversals
Greece austerity
Greece is remotely controlled as never
If creditors want to force Athens to take on new stock savings decisions, helps anyone. Comment by Mike Szymanski more ...
  • Meeting of the Euro Group
    At the earliest in 2018, Greece may hope for debt relief
Number of asylum applications increases
It sounds absurd: In Germany hardly more refugees arrive. But the number of asylum applications newly detected increases. Bamf Chef manner has an explanation. By Bernd Kastner, Nürnberg more ...
Philippines Southeast Asia
"Trump the Philippines' wins presidential election
He curses, insulted the pope and tells voters: "Forget laws and human rights." The controversial mayor Rodrigo Duterte also wants to eradicate the crime within six months. More ...
  • Teaser image
    Passive horror
    From 20. May have emblazoned on cigarette packs shocking images. If that's not particularly the Non smoking punished?
  • Teaser image
    In the sobs of Balkan
    As tolerance towards homosexuals, ex-Yugoslavia has a dreadful reputation. Wrongly - at least when it comes to the music scene.
  • Teaser image
    The father of the "suburban women"
    Uli Brée is among the busiest Writers Austria - as a German. write funny dialogue, he does not always fun.
  • Teaser image
    Alone with other
    Even Afghan refugees who land on the Hallig Hooge, suddenly say "Moin". For a few days it is very beautiful there. And what do you do then? A visit.
Panama Papers: The large offshore database
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) makes information on more than 200 000. offshore companies from Panama Papers publicly. What the directory includes - and what not ....
Where Horst Seehofer is alone the course
Seehofer Railway
ARD is broadcasting from the House-basement of the CSU leaders. It says those model railway which has so often had to serve as a symbol of the power of people. By Roman Deininger more ...
caved rotor blades of a wind turbine
"This takes the energy transition in Germany in the future without Bayern instead"
The 10-H-regulation is constitutional. In the government prevails satisfaction, the applicants speak of a "black day". By Christian Sebald more ...
Walther Leisler Kiep
Walther Leisler Kiep - the Unusual
He had a penchant for fast bikes and was considered a wealthy outsider. Now the dazzling CDU politician has died at the age of 90 years. Obituary by Hans Leyendecker more ...
This man fights against vulnerabilities in products
On his blog Stefan Schridde reported on the early death of electrical appliances - thus reaching that deal now politicians so by Caspar Dohmenmore ....
Artificial skin
Researchers develop second skin
You can hide wrinkles and bags - and be reissued daily by Berit Uhlmann more ....
Transgender Law: North Carolina and US government suing each
In North Carolina, the birth certificate will determine which toilet is allowed to use. The US government will not tolerate that. From Hakan Tanriverdi, New York ... more
The last screw of Luca Toni
As box striker and Abstauber he was dismissed.But the audience loved him. Why, Luca Toni has now in the last game of his career shown again. By Birgit Schönau, Rome ... more
now compulsory attendance
Are you there?
Should students really be forced by attendance to the lecture? A Pro & Contra between crowded lecture hall and inner bastard. By Sophie Schriever and Liza Marie niesmak more ... now
Blood units from the air
In Rwanda, many places lack important infrastructure, power outages make blood products unusable. A California startup wants to help with drones. More ... now
Game of Thrones "Game of Thrones" -Recap
New episode of "Game of Thrones": Cliffhanger for all
Daenerys goes on holiday, Jon Snow takes vacation, and Bran Stark just want to know how it goes. The new episode of "Game of Thrones" in the recap. By Matthias Huber more ... "Game of Thrones" -Recap