EXCLUSIVE Saudi Arabia wants to buy many weapons from Germany - and thus brings Chancellor Merkel and her Vice Chancellor Gabriel in need. Anger also makes the armourers Heckler & Koch. From Christoph Hickmann and Georg Mascolo more ...
Final Austrian presidential elections campaign
How right Norbert Hofer really is
The Austrian presidential candidate is neither liberal nor conservative. Show five aspects, what about the mind of the FPÖ man. Analysis of Oliver Das Gupta, Vienna more ...
Merkel's job - Schäuble Greeks duty
The chancellor demanded by the finance minister to end the dispute over further financial assistance to Greece -. Namely to their conditions of Cerstin Gammelin more ...
Turkish President Erdogan arrives for a conference in Istanbul
Erdoğan makes Turkey for a one-man State
More than a quarter of the Turkish MPs lose immunity. The President and the ACP build the country radically to - faster, more uninhibited comment by Luisa Seeling more ....
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    The toxic legacy of war
    In Vietnamese jungle American soldiers used a pesticide Agent Orange. 41 years after the war accumulate enigmatic abnormalities. From lifelong battle of the Trinh family.
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    "I have brought idiots ans Read"
    The feature they despised, ZDF they let you down - but the audience loves Elke Heidenreich. Visiting an excellent narrator and her pug in Cologne.
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    The milk does not's
    Milk is cheaper than ever before - absurdly cheap.Bauer Lierheimer gives up and leads his cows to the slaughter now. An obituary.
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    My suffering with the SPD
    In Willy-Brandt-Haus is a disaster classified to the next. Who needs to write permanently about our author, could easily despair itself.
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    Struggle loo
    Which door should choose a gentleman who sees himself as a lady? America is fighting the "Bathroom" -Krieg. About the amazing transformation of the toilet to the ideological battlefield.
What indications of a terrorist attack speak - and which on the other hand
Crash of Egypt Air MS804 crash of Egypt Air MS804
Investigators collect more and more information, but still the cause of the crash of Egypt Air MS804 machine remains enigmatic. Apparently, the board electronic smoke have been registered. Of Paul-Anton Krüger, Cairo ... more
The gun lobby stands behind Trump
The National Rifle Association is concerned that Hillary Clinton would tighten gun laws in the country massively. The billionaire had no alternative. More ...
Mexico plans to ship "El Chapo" Guzmán to USA
The drug lord is accused there of murder, money laundering and drug trafficking. However, the death penalty must not be afraid. More ...
Moshe Yaalon,
Israeli Defense Minister Resigns - and settles
Warning call from the inner circle of power: "extremists" had seized control of Israel itself, warns Moshe Ya'alon. When it becomes the hero of the Upright? Comment by Peter Münch more ...
Exhaust of a Porsche 911 series 996th
Is your car an exhaust-trickster?
Not only the VW schönt its emissions. The scandal has reached many levels. These four graphics which models are affected. By Thomas Harloff more ... Interactive
Cheap flights to the vote - Ryanair angered fans Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of theEuropean Union
Many proponents of a British EU exit fret excessively about a promotion by Ryanair. The airline fanned the controversy now on to. By Björn Finke, Londonmore ...
Sz magazine Nuller for Margot Käßmann Article
Without Office, in Would
For six years, Margot Käßmann is no longer bishop, but simple pastor. But it long back. On Facebook she goes still only secretly. By Tobias Haberl more ... SZ-Magazin
Thomas Tuchel to Guardiola: "He is the best"
DFB Pokal German Cup final
Ahead of the DFB-Pokal final, both coaches outdo each other with praise. The BVB coach calls but by his crew the next step: He wants to be no longer an outsider by Martin Schneider, Berlin more ....
"When in doubt, I prefer sprouts instead of roses"
Katrin Bauerfeind
Must first breakfast a gourd, who wants to criticize a woman? Katrin Bauerfeind takes their fellow women to learn plug. Interview by Laura Hertreiter more ...
Trees line a second floor retail area for audio accessories at the media preview for a new Apple retail store in San FranciscoImages
That's the Apple-Branch of the Future
Apple shows in San Francisco, as it wants to rebuild its stores worldwide. The inspiration for this could come from a fashion company. More ...
Beer belly shock Photo
Shock photos we really need!
A few suggestions which cautionary Photos else you urgently should attach to soccer balls, beer bottles and Frauke Petry. More ... now
now smartphone competition
My phone torments me!
Although the smartphone makes many things easier - but it forces its users, in everyday competitions By Nadja Schlüter more ... now.
A butt makes trouble in Cannes
Actress Blake Lively provoked the Internet community with a song quote, Johnny Depp's daughter crying and Susan Sarandon wants to shoot porn. The best Gossip performances at the film festival. More ...