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Friday, May 20, 2016

PC Magazine Reviews

  • Pioneer SE-MHR5
    EDITOR RATING: GOOD05.20.2016
    Bottom Line: The pricey Pioneer SE-MHR5 headphone pair sounds amazing, but isn't terribly comfortable when worn for long time periods.
  • Yabla
    EDITOR RATING: GOOD05.20.2016
    Bottom Line: Yabla helps language students strengthen their listening skills with hundreds of short videos on a wide variety of topics, but it lacks the tools and structure most language-learning services offer.
  • HP Envy 34c Media Display
    EDITOR RATING: GOOD05.19.2016
    Bottom Line: The HP Envy 34c, a hulking 34-inch curved-screen monitor designed for multimedia use, delivers solid color and gray-scale performance and is equipped with a strong set of speakers.
  • Adobe Spark
    EDITOR RATING: GOOD05.19.2016
    Bottom Line: Adobe Spark makes creating professional-looking social posts, webpages, and presentations a snap.