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Thursday, May 12, 2016


The Moto Parilla Carbon comes to life as a heavily motorcycle-inspired electric off-road bike with claims of being the "SUV e-bike." After a fling with British carmaker Caterham, its designers are pressing ahead alone. Read more
A team from Sheffield Methods Institute in the UK has analyzed all of the drivers, teams and results in Formula One history to produce a ranking of the best 50 F1 Drivers of all-time, as well as the best wet weather and street circuit drivers. Read more
With the early 2016 smartphone flagships all out in the wild, it's time to scrape together another installment of our biannual Smartphone Comparison Guide. Read on for the features and specs of our top eight picks. Read more
A new pair of electronic earplugs from Hush takes a novel approach to delivering peace through your ears. We recently got to try them out.​ Read more
​In order for FCEVs to take off, there needs to be the hydrogen refueling infrastructure in place to support them. To justify the infrastructure, though, there must be enough FCEVs on the road. It is this chicken-and-egg scenario that the HyFive project seeks to help solve.​Read more
LG’s new action camera is a feature packed piece of kit with a rugged, water-resistant build. The flagship feature is the device’s built-in LTE, which allows users to leave their smartphones behind when livestreaming. Read more
Startup Nikola Motor Company may have a long way to go, but it believes it can revolutionize transportation. First up on its agenda are a 2,000-hp electric semi truck with range-extending turbine and a 520-hp electric UTV. Read more
Architects have long used glass to provide light and views, but the following homes and buildings go a lot further, and each is either made mostly from glass or uses it as its defining feature. Join us as we highlight the best glass architecture we've seen so far. Read more
Current quantum processors were once thought of as only precursors to creating future quantum computers, and too simple to do anything useful on their own. Now researchers have discovered a way to use them to solve very specific tasks much faster than normal computers can today Read more
There has never been more choice in the world of fitness and health tracking, so the new Garmon Forerunner 735 XT wades into battle loaded to the gills with enough tech to satisfy even the most discerning multi-sport users, who no longer need to wear a chest strap to track their heart rate. ​ Read more
Researchers have discovered that they can preserve blood at higher temperatures by storing it amongst silk proteins, a development that could mean big things for health care in places where cooling facilities are scarce.​ Read more
An immaculately manicured lawn is a point of pride for many homeowners, but the days of working up a sweat behind the trusty old two-stroke mower look to be numbered. Gizmag takes a look at some of the options for making sure your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. Read more
Canon has announced the EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM, the first macro lens for the EOS M camera system. Another first for the lens is the integration of two flash units into the front of the lens itself, something not previously seen on a macro lens. Read more
​Peugeot has released its vision for the charging station of the future – the Driveco Parasol. Made of sustainable materials, the station provides shade for the cars that are charging up on energy collected from the roof mounted solar panels. Read more
​At a secluded test site in the Nevada desert about ten miles north of Las Vegas, Hyperloop One made its first public demonstration today of a key component of its new transportation system Read more
By combining an EEG headset​ from Emotiv and an assistive communication app, Smartstones is bringing the power of speech to those with speech difficulties. The "think to speak" technology works by reading the brainwaves of the user and expressing them as phrases spoken through the app. Read more
In 1928, Eric the walking, talking aluminum robot traveled the world, wowing audiences. Then, suddenly, he disappeared, never to be seen again. Now the British Science Museum intends to rebuild this iconic metal man and put him on permanent display. Read more
We've recently seen several portable devices that can ascertain if a traumatic brain injury has occurred, quickly and on the spot. Still, none of those systems are as reliable as an EEG. Soon, it may be possible to conduct on-location EEGs, using a special helmet.​ Read more
The International Space Station (ISS) is packed with cutting-edge research, including efforts to understand vision change caused by microgravity, and work to see how stays on the station affect the human immune system. A new study, known as Microbial Tracking-1, is looking to study microbes. Read more
It’s no secret that diet has an impact on health, but a new study suggests that what we eat might play a role in brain inflammation. The findings suggesting that changes in diet might influence neurodegeneration in the brain, and potentially even providing researchers with new targets for treatment. Read more
Mini's recently unveiled high-performance John Cooper Works Convertible is about as flamboyant as you'll get from the BMW-owned marque. Today, it's back in more familiar territory, with a special edition that celebrates the original Austin Seven that began production in 1959.Read more
Before an invited audience of guests and media in Las Vegas, Hyperloop Technologies declared that it will now be known as Hyperloop One. Read more
Today, SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft has completed its round trip to the International Space Station, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean with more than a tonne of valuable scientific samples in tow. Read more
​Rear racks and panniers may indeed be useful, but they're also one of those things that many self-proclaimed "bike snobs" would never mount on their glorious two-wheeled work of art. So, what's a snob to do if they've got gear to haul? Well, they could always try the Tailfin. Read more
After being purchased by Polaris in 2011, Indian Motorcycles has introduced new bikes at a rapid clip. The latest to join the club is the Chieftain Dark Horse, a faired version of the Chief Dark Horse released last year. Read more
Constantly taking your favorite gadgets in for quick repairs can get pricey. With 64 purpose-driven screwdriver bits curated from thousands of repair guides, you can take quick repairs into your own hands and save major cash. Armed with an Ergonomic Aluminum Handle, this is the all-encompassing kit to solve all your electronic and household issues. Read more