EXCLUSIVE Part of it could also be paid to the Manager later. With this proposal, the Executive Board will end the dispute with the supervisory board. From Thomas Fromm and Klaus Ott, Munich / Wolfsburg more ...
-Prosecutor raises charges against Schlecker founder
Anton Schlecker is together with his wife and children to go bankrupt the drugstore chain have money stashed away -. According to media reports up to 20 million euros more ...
Adjusted drug investigations against Volker Beck
It was about 0.6 grams of a "narcotics suspicious substance" that were found in the Green Party. Now he gets a small fine. More ...
Böhmer's legal brainteaserJan Böhmermann
The nation is puzzled: Satire or abusive criticism? But a constitutional test keeps a fairly rational solution ready. By Wolfgang Janisch more ...
The man who wants to go for Erdoğan until the last instance
Media lawyer Michael Hubertus von Sprenger represents the Turkish president on trial. With controversial clients he knows his way around. From Carolin Gasteiger more ...
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    The most important answers case Böhmermann
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    Böhmermann: How do you rate the latest developments?
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  • "No girl lays voluntarily headscarf"
    to Should women and men shake hands? In arguing Switzerland. Well done, finds the Islamism critic Saïda Keller-Messahli: Radical Muslims should never give in.
  • The Germans on equip
    Book Battle Trainer, buy turrets and pepper spray.What's wrong with the Germans? About a country that is changing.
  • My old man and the sea
    The father of our author loves the sea. Whenever the world was too much to him, he fled to the boat.But now the sea has all of them driven him. The history of alienation.
  • The third man
    The Swiss Christoph Zollinger was until 2011 Partner of the firm Mossack Fonseca. Today he wants to "no longer identify" can use the offshore business.
  • Hans Dieter Pötsch, the Group soldier
    In the middle of the diesel affair hoisted the VW owner a man of the Supervisory tip, the CFO was when it all happened.A risky venture.
Germany is not a divided countryThe disk lives
Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for Economic Research, lamented in "distribution struggle" a strong inequality in the Republic. But quite as dramatic, it is not. Book review of Michael Huether more ...
In the euro zone, a storm is coming
In many crisis countries of the EU, the economy is growing - but the Euro-Zone strives apart. What is urgently needed now. Comment by Alexander Hagelükenmore ...
Panama Panama Papers PapersThe third man in Mossack Fonseca
The Swiss Christoph Zollinger was once a partner of the law firm scandal. His rise in Panama is great cinema. From Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer more ...
Fleet of mini-spaceships to fly to Alpha Centauri
Breakthrough Starshot initiativevideo
A Russian billionaire and Stephen Hawking have developed a concept for interstellar travel. With a laser drive tiny spaceships could overcome light years - but the plan has pitfalls By Alexander forehead more ....
Why Apple users should now update to iOS 9.3
Public Wifi networks can thus be manipulated so that a software error iPhones and iPads off permanently. More ...
Before Renato Sanches FC Bayern has to fearFC Bayern Muenchen v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg
The 18-year-old Benfica is the latest object of speculation in football. Even before the game against the Munich are Europe's top clubs snake. From Thomas Hummel, Lisbon ... more
Lionel measurementGuesswork out of Lionel Messi
Before the quarter-final second leg at Atletico Madrid, the 28-year-old is a cause for concern - the crisis of the attacker could cost the FC Barcelona getting ahead of Javier Cáceres, Madrid more ....
Man driving intentionally two pedestrians with his car
Young people who complained about the pace of the motorist. Then, the 35-year-old braked abruptly and put the car in reverse. More ...
Altersarmut pensionThe fear of women before age poverty
Many are afraid that the pension is not enough.And these concerns are justified. Three women tell how they protect themselves for the future by Ulrike Heidenreich and Gianna Niewel more ... PLAN W -. Women change economy
Cinema "Wild" by Nico Krebitz in cinemaWolves come anywhere
Sometimes they can even do it in the erotic dream of a young woman. "Wild" excited at the Sundance Film Festival sensation - from the German film he stands towering out movie review Tobias Kniebe more ....
British RoyaltyHRH the elephant feeding
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, feeds a baby elephant at the CWRC at Panbari reserve forest in KazirangaImages
Duchess Catherine and Prince William have visited in India a national park.Especially the baby elephants and rhinos were both very close. More ...