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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

gizmag emerging tech

Even though Kindles are already highly portable, the engineers at Amazon clearly felt there was room for improvement and today announced the Kindle Oasis, the thinnest and brightest Kindle yet. Read more
Based on our first impressions, the HTC 10 looks like it can combine with the Vive VR headset as one of the best one-two punches in recent consumer tech history – and be a serious contender for best smartphone of the year. Read more
Norway's Aalberg Audio has developed a series of guitar effects units and the means to change parameters without having to crouch down during a song and twist away at control knobs. Gizmag has spent the last few weeks wirelessly tweaking the Trym tremolo pedal with the Aero controller. Read more
A molecular switch could hold the key to a personalized cell replacement therapy for diabetes. Salk Institute scientists found that activating a protein called ERR-gamma in patient-derived transplanted beta cells results in diabetic mice producing normal amounts of insulin to regulate blood sugar. Read more
A camping hammock with extra utility, the Flying Tent from Austrian startup Startraveller Equipment GmbH lets you better react to the weather and terrain. It can hang lazily from the trees, stand up on the ground, and drape over you as a poncho. Read more
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced the winners of the 2016 Housing Awards. As was the case with last year's selection, it's a varied bunch and includes a group of cabins, some beautiful high-end homes, and affordable housing for homeless veterans. Read more
It would take around 30,000 years for us to reach our closest star system, but If the latest idea from the cosmically inquisitive Stephen Hawking comes to fruition, we could reach this neighboring stellar system within 20 years of launch. Read more
Announced today, Facebook's Surround 360 is a 17-lens 3D-360-degree video capture system that looks like a spaceship and produces VR content on the fly, but its most impressive feature? The design and software is entirely open-source. Read more
The Impossible Project has announced new I-1 analog camera, which still uses classic Polaroid 600 type film for shooting. The I-1 hooks up to your phone to allow for further functionality, and can be recharged with a USB cable.​ Read more
Having launched its i-shift dual-clutch gearbox in 2014, Volvo has now added crawler gears to the system in an attempt to broaden its appeal. Unsatisfied with a traditional launch, the company has shown off the transmission by pulling a 750-tonne load from standstill. Read more
Unveiled at the first Vietnam Motorcycle Show in Ho Chi Minh City, the fourth concept model of the Gen series pursues an innovative approach to scooter dynamics and body structure that is based on Yamaha Motor’s Refined Dynamism philosophy. Read more
Having launched a range of updates over the air since the Model S launched in 2013, Tesla has released a more traditional mid-life refresh. The entry level Model X has also been updated, with a bigger battery and bigger price to match.Read more
Generation Z is weird. At least that's the impression we're left with after seeing them through automakers' eyes. Those eyes bring us the Toyota uBox. Designed for Generation Z drivers, the uBox finds a middle ground somewhere between the minivan, SUV and armored truck. Read more
NASA has announced its 2016 selections for Phase 1 of its Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. As usual, the first round contains an impressive array of weird and wonderful technological concepts with the potential to revolutionize space exploration. Read more
Cycling backpacks with strips of blinking LEDs on the back aren't exactly a rare item these days. Lumos' new Aster pack is a little different, though. It also features turn indicators, a brake light, and will even let you know if your bike is being stolen. Read more
Professional videographers often use rigs that include something known as a gimbal to keep their shots straight, but gimbal sticks are often heavy, big and/or expensive. Enter Smoovie, a Kickstarter product that could put the power of gimbal stability in your pocket.​ Read more
A chance re-examination of an old astronomical glass plate has shown that the very first evidence of an exoplanetary system was recorded almost 100 years ago, on a glass plate showing the light from a distant star. Read more
Google has announced 29 winners of its Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities, which it launched in May last year to invest in non-profit organizations using technology to increase independence for disabled people around the world. The organizations will receive US$20 million in grants. Read more
A new calibration tool developed by researchers at the Carnegie Institute is set to have a big impact in the hunt for exoplanets. The technology allows astronomers to use a longer wavelength of light when analyzing distant stars, making it possible to pick out false positives in results. Read more
While there are many battery back-up iPhone cases out there, they all tend to add significant weight and thickness to your otherwise sleek smartphone. The Air Case, now at the start of a so-far successful Indiegogo campaign, aims to change that.​ Read more
Having discovered it's very easy to buy a USB-C cable that will fry your shiny new phone or Chromebook, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group is fighting back with a new protocol to let you know whether your new cable is certified or not. Read more
Daimler is attempting to demonstrate the benefits of moving to electric trucks by running four Fuso E-Cell trucks in Stuttgart, where they'll deal with everything from road construction to furniture delivery. Read more
Excel skills aren't just good to have, they're essential to your career success. Start from the basics and advance your skills through these dual expert-taught courses. You'll be fully prepped to earn yourself a coveted certification, and score the job or promotion you've been waiting for. Read more