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Saturday, April 23, 2016

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Dirty laundry snares head of Spain's 'Clean Hands'
Bernad briefly headed the small far-right National Front party. Photo: AFP
The head of a Spanish anti-corruption group that championed several high-profile cases over the past two decades, including one against Princess Cristina, now finds himself under investigation for extortion. 
Madrid metro invaded by 'literary commandos'
Actors recite passages of Don Quixote as they perform during a commemoration of the 400th anniversary Miguel de Cervantes' death at the Spanish parliament in Madrid. Photo:AFP
Teams of "literary commandos" invaded the Madrid metro on Friday to read short texts out loud to commuters in the Spanish capital as part of World Book Night celebrations. 
    Dominican Republic's most wanted held by Spanish police
    File picture of a drugs haul. Photo: AFP / handout Spanish police
    Drug kingpin is considered to be "the main drug trafficker and money launderer" in the Caribbean nation. 
    Spanish designers chosen to dress youngest British royals
    Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and young royals Cropped photo: Annie Leibovitz
    The Local speaks to the designer behind Princess Charlotte’s retro look and why it is proving a boon for Spanish clothing sales. 
      Mallorca voted one of world's best islands… and here's why
      Mallorca is home to mountains, beaches and culture. Photo: Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr 
      The Local takes a look at what makes the island so great. 
        Fresh elections almost certain but will results be different?
        Spain could be going back to the polls in June. Photo: AFP
        Polls predict that if new elections are held, the results will be similar to those of December. 
          Woman returns handbag full of cash found on metro
          Photo: AFP
          Barcelona Metro has thanked a passenger who handed in a handbag containing over €8,500 in cash. 
            The Local list
            Nine reasons why Cervantes is better than Shakespeare
            The Bard versus Cervantes. Photo: Creative commons / Wikimedia
            In the battle for greatness, could Cervantes beat Shakespeare? 
              Happy book day! Top ten Spanish literary gifts
              An independent book shop in Barcelona. Photo: Lluis Gene / AFP
              To mark Spanish book day, The Local gives you the ultimate list of Spain-related books that make excellent gifts.  
                Survey: Could Brits in Europe put the brakes on Brexit?
                Photo: Leon Neal / AFP.
                How will Brits abroad vote in the "Brexit" referendum? The Local surveyed more than 2,700 people across Europe to find out. 
                  Meet the Swedish man putting the Messi into baby changing
                  Leo Messi and a baby in his number 10 nappy. Photo: AFP / blog moda bebe
                  A Swedish entrepreneur is branding baby nappies especially for Barcelona football fans. 
                  The Local List
                  Debunking the myth: How true are Spanish stereotypes?
                  Photo: Justyna Rawińska / Flickr
                  Spaniards are loud, lazy and love a nice long siesta... don't they?  
                  The Local List 
                  Nine incredibly  addictive television series from Spain
                  A still from Spanish TV series Velvet. Photo:
                  Spain might not be internationally known for its small screen action but that could be about to change. 
                  The Local list
                  Ten bizarre Spanish stories that are not April Fools' jokes
                  Screen grab: La Sexta 
                  These stories from Spain might all sound too strange to be true but actually are... 
                  The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                  Sometimes you just need to throw yourself into the local culture. Photo: AFP
                  Irish expat Carol Byrne outlines the ten golden rules you will need to follow to be a happy expat in Spain. 
                  More news
                  Who knew? Kim Jong-un reveals passion for flamenco
                  Photo: AFP
                  For the first time ever, a Spanish flamenco troupe has performed in North Korea, delighting its supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. 
                  The Local list
                  Ten delicious Spanish dishes you must try before you die
                  Photo: Joan Grifols/Flickr
                  If you thought Spanish food was all paella and pinchos then think again. The Local takes you on a mouth-watering tour of some of the country's lesser known but equally fabulous culinary highlights. 
                  Happy Birthday Your Majesty! (Please visit Gibraltar again)
                  Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Edinburgh tour The Rock in 1954. Photo: Gibraltar government archive
                  On the occasion of the Queen's 90th birthday, her most loyal subjects in Gibraltar are calling for her to visit. 
                  Forget tampons and use sea sponges, says Catalan town
                  Photo: AFP
                  The left wing CUP party in the town of Manresa, Catalonia, doesn't like tampons and wants a more ecological alternative.  
                  Spanish woman lay dead in cinema for a whole week
                  Photo: Sara Robertson/Flickr
                  A woman whose body was found in a cinema in Valencia on Tuesday had been there for a week, officials have revealed. 
                  From our other editions
                  3D print of Oetzi the Ice Man revealed
                  One of three replicas of Oetzi the Iceman created for teaching purposes by Gary Staab, from resin and mixed media. Photo:
                  Scientists presented Wednesday a life-sized copy, made using a 3D printer, of Oetzi the mummified 5,000-year-old "iceman" found in the Alps 25 years ago. 
                  Refugee crisis
                  Swiss army ready to act in worst case migrant scenario
                  File photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
                  Switzerland has said it is ready to mobilize up to 2,000 soldiers should migrants continue to arrive into the country. 
                  Police calm hipster frenzy at Berlin vegan restaurant
                  Wouldn't you stand outside in the cold for hours for a cup of revitalising green gunk? Photo: DPA
                  Has hipster gentrification gone too far in Berlin? As police battle hordes of trend-seekers hungry for vegan snacks, the question has to be asked. 
                  US Army captain foils Denmark school attack
                  Danish Chief of Defence Peter Bartram (left) presented Captain Bradley Grimm (centre) with a Danish Defense Medal. Also present was US Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford (right). Photo: Sune Wadskjær
                  American who "likely saved the lives of Danish citizens" was honoured with a Danish Defense Medal. 
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                  Report raises fears of Isis terror plot on Costa del Sol
                  Five bonkers ways Spain is commemorating Cervantes
                  Bad owners to sweep streets in Madrid's war on dog poo
                  Ten weird things that shock Spaniards about the UK
                  Debunking the myth: How true are Spanish stereotypes?
                  Bienvenidos a Blighty: Spanish workers flock to UK
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                  Spanish town fined for staging bizarre 'slippery swine' race
                  Fat man who crushed nativity donkey to death goes free
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                  Recipe: How to make Spanish albóndigas in tomato sauce
                  First journalist punished over photos under Spain’s gag law
                  'Hug a Brit to stop Brexit' Europeans urged
                  Benidorm's Sticky Vicky, 72, retires from sexy magic show
                  What's on in Spain: April 2016
                  Double amputee told to 'crawl' to Ryanair flight in Spain
                  Barcelona officially declares itself a 'veggie friendly' city 
                  Spain mulls 'no kill bullfights' in nod to animal rights
                  Report: Life in Spain is more miserable than Saudi Arabia
                  The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                  Analysis & Opinion
                  'Gibraltar is passionately British - that's why we reject Brexit'