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Saturday, April 23, 2016

NYPD/ The Gawker

The NYPD Thinks It's Buzzfeed Now

The NYPD Thinks It's Buzzfeed Now

Have you heard about this hot new trend where you feed unsuspecting people all sorts of wacky things on camera and then laugh at their nescience? It’s gonna be huge. Just ask the NYPD.
For Passover, the NYPD decided to tweet out this Buzzfeed-style video of cops trying matzoh for (presumably) the first time.
“Just bite it?” asks one of the cops of the item of food that’s just been handed to her for her explicit consumption. 
We have fun!
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  • “Buzzfeed-style”? Doesn’t Gawker have an entire vertical dedicated to nothing but videos of adults eating things for the first time? Is that the joke? It’s tough to tell the difference between Gawker shitting on other websites for real and Gawker pretending to shit on other websites for funsies.
        • Is it? I honestly don’t know, I’ve only seen one and I don’t follow Buzzfeed enough to know what they’re regularly putting out.
          • Well, I think the point that the lovely Ms. Feinberg is trying to make here is that the NYPD, which increasingly is getting a (rightfully deserved) bad rep for the way it treats POC and poor people, wants to improve its image with halfass attempts to show the citizens of New York, “look at us we’re cool and relatable and not just a bunch of trigger happy asshats!” Which, sure
            I’m willing to bet that most members of the NYPD aren’t total assholes.... but the percentage that are total assholes is way too high, especially considering these people are more powerful (in terms of their legal protection AND their training) than most citizens.
            Rather than try to improve its image with videos about eating Matzoh, perhaps it should try improving its image by doing something about the corruption and racial profiling.

                  • Wait, that guy actually went to college? I thought he had just congealed at a gawker computer and Denton just accepted that it was better than any option that was actually applying for the position. However, even crediting those sad souls with being less qualified than Jordan is a bit of of stretch, because really, how many people could it be theoretically? 1, maybe 2 prenatal fetuses?

                    • Buzzfeed is sort of the website embodiment of that time Bill O’Reilly went to a restaurant in Harlem and was amazed that “they” ate like normal people and weren’t taking shits on the floor and swinging from the chandeliers.