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Friday, April 22, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

How To Watch Tonight's Lyrid Meteor Shower In Australia 

For the rest of the year Australia has roughly one meteor shower per month to look forward to, and the next one is coming up tonight — the Lyrids. We explain how to watch, and when.

This Short Film Offers A Simple Yet Powerful Ode To Imagination And Transformation 

Video: Everyone who’s stuck in a dull, repetitive routine can relate to Sisyphus — the Greek king doomed to spend his life pushing a boulder up a hill, only to see it roll down every time he got to the top. James Bascara’s Upon the Rock imagines one man’s odd but seemingly much-needed jailbreak from the drudgery of life.

Here's A Blasting Cap Blowing Up Ballistics Gel In Slow Motion 

Video: Some really cool things happen when FullMag decided to blow up ballistics gel with some blasting caps. First, when the blasting cap detonates, the gel basically erupts and explodes into this dancing substance. But it doesn’t break! The flubber gel just expands wildly until it withstands the blow and then just traps the remnants of the blasting caps explosion inside. Pretty damn cool.

Your Star Wars Collection Isn't Complete Without A Life-Size $8,500 Boba Fett Figure 

So this is what collecting action figures has come to? Apparently some Star Wars aficionados aren’t content with 3.75 or even 30cm figures in their collection. They demand something grander and even more elite, which is why a life-size Boba Fett action figure can now be had for just shy of $US8,500 ($11,004).

A Lovely Ode To The Sounds Of A Mechanical Keyboard 

Video: Clickety Clack. The sounds of a mechanical keyboard are just so soothing. There’s such a satisfying audible (and physical) reaction whenever you hit the keys, like hey, press this button and you’ll feel good. Here’s Pseudorandom using the mechanical keyboard as an instrument for a song.

The Force Awakens Cast Is Auctioning Off These Artsy BB-8 Toys For Charity 

Since he trundled onto screens in the very first Force Awakens teaser, BB-8 has become a Star Wars icon. Now his adorable form has become a canvas for a host of artists and Star Wars luminaries as part of a charity drive — and you could own one, provided your pockets are deep enough.

What Happens When You Cook French Fries In Space 

Space is full of mysteries, but one in particular has been weighing on our minds lately: How’s the food up there? We’re taking a look at how space meals get made, the best astronaut food hacks, and the experiment that showed just where the best french fries in the galaxy would really be found.

Honest Short Film Exposes The Lies People Tell On Social Media 

Everybody lies. We can’t help it. We exaggerate details to seem more fun, we highlight specifics to get more sympathy, and we fish for other people’s reactions to make us feel better. And with the social media handcuff we lock onto ourselves everyday with our phone addiction, we lie even more on the Internet to cull for likes and hearts and thumbs ups. Reality isn’t real anymore but a highly curated photo feed of who we want to pretend to be.

Paint Powder On A Drum Becomes An Explosive Rainbow With Every Hit 

Video: Is it really any surprise that pointing a Phantom Flex high-speed camera at a drum covered in colourful paint pigments would produce stunning results at 1000 frames per second? Not at all. But the results from The Slow Mo Guys’ latest video are especially spectacular as you watch the shockwaves launch an explosive rainbow in all directions.

This Mockumentary Is Basically A Men's Rights Activist's Worst Nightmare 

The faux documentary No Men Beyond This Point takes place in a world where biological males are going extinct. Because it turns out once cisgender men were no longer needed for reproduction, they were no longer needed… at all. This film combines a “historical” look at the decline of the Y chromosome with modern “interviews” with people like Andrew Meyers, the youngest man on the planet (he’s 37).

NASA Celebrates Hubble's 26th Birthday With Some Spectacular New Space Porn 

What better way to celebrate Hubble’s 26th birthday than by releasing a gorgeous new photo taken by the intrepid space telescope. Behold the Bubble Nebula, a massive expanse of gas and dust located 8000 light-years from Earth.
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