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Monday, April 11, 2016


Last year we saw researchers adapt foam metals to stop various forms of radia​tion in their tracks, and now the same team has ramped things up to offer protection from something with a bit more force: an armour-piercing bullet. Read more
As well as using LiDAR for its autonomous vehicles to navigate in the snow, Ford is using the technology to do so in the dark. The carmaker has tested one of its Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicles in conditions too dark for a human driver to see where they were going. Read more
Researchers have presented conceptual plans for a wooden skyscraper to London mayor Boris Johnson. If it went ahead, the timber tower would be the tallest of its kind in the world. Read more
​London’s first fully transparent solar bus shelter was unveiled on Friday. The shelter is reported capable of producing enough electricity for a London home for a year and was designed and developed by UK solar technology company Polysolar. Read more
Designed to identify and assist customers who look like they need help, EMIEW3 can pass sales information on to other robots, and even stand up if it's knocked over in the hustle and bustle of a sales environment. Read more
There are some heating and cooling options out there, as well as AC units designed specifically for motorbikes, but not everyone is keen to strap one of these to the back of their bike. Enter MiClimate, a belt designed to keep bikers at a comfortable temperature without adding too much bulk. Read more
This French inventor's new turbine-powered flying platform goes as high as 10,000 feet and flies for up to 10 minutes at a top speed around 150 km/h. Forget your electromagnetic rubbish, this is what we call a real hoverboard. Read more
Locating buried landmines is not only a meticulous and time-intensive task, but an incredibly dangerous one as well. Working to help keep humans out of harm's way, British scientists have started testing drones with advanced imaging technology to more effectively map affected areas. ​​ Read more
A group of scientists is building a robot to scratch beneath the surface of Lake Yellowstone in an effort to better understand the ecosystem of microbes thriving underwater. Read more
If there is a ninth planet in the outer Solar System, what is it like and why hasn't it been spotted yet? A possible answer comes from a pair of astrophysicists at the University of Bern, who used models developed for studying exoplanets to determine the structure of the hypothetical Planet 9. Read more
​SpaceX scored a double first today as the Dragon spacecraft returned to service and the Falcon 9 booster nailed the first ever powered landing at sea. Read more
Shoei's latest flagship model, the X-Spirit III, continues the company's positive reputation for technologically advanced helmets with improvements in safety, comfort and aerodynamics. Read more
China's Techrules is hell-bent on putting turbines into road-going vehicles. Its first concepts use an ultra-potent, turbine-charged series hybrid powertrain, promising supercar levels of performance and Prius-like fuel economy. Read more
Researchers with the Grand Challenges Canada initiative have created a highly-effective mosquito trap, each one of which is made from a single discarded tire.​ Read more
​Across the globe, the scientific community and governmental bodies are preparing for the threat posed by the potential of a massive geomagnetic solar storm striking Earth. Read more
A novel pill, developed by researchers at MIT, shows promise in allowing for effective long-term delivery of drugs. The pill makes use of a two face build, with one side designed to hold it in place, while the other repels liquid and food that could otherwise dislodge it. Read more
The iPhone SE marks the first time Apple has shaken up its one iPhone launch per year pattern. Let's see how the iPhone SE falls in line with the other four iPhones Apple is currently selling. Read more
The cannabis plant isn't only useful for getting stoned. Green Built has high hopes that it can bring cannabis construction into the US mainstream with its sustainable tiny house built from hemp. Read more
A sensor under development by researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands takes inspiration from how plants draw water out of the earth. Designed to take medically useful readings from patient sweat, the sensor doesn't require any form of external power. Read more
Gizmag's Michael Franco outlines the trials and frustrations of being attached to a very particular piece of tech. Read more
The Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens is the latest vintage-inspired lens from Lomography. Currently on Kickstarter, where it’s already secured its funding target several times over, the lens is a modern reworking of the world’s first photographic optic lens from 1839, but now for your DSLR. Read more
Rather than gradually forming an object layer by layer like a desktop extruder, the 3D Cocooner from Festo works more like a sophisticated robotic version of a CreoPop 3D printing pen, hardening the printed material with UV light as the structure is formed. Read more
Spray paint is a notoriously tricky medium to control. Fortunately for would-be muralists everywhere, researchers have invented a "smart" spray paint system that can use regular cans of paint to re-create photo images as spray-painted murals on walls or other large surfaces.Read more
Hong Kong-based architects LAAB describes the city as "one of the most expensive places in the world to live." So keen were one couple to live in the city's Central district, though, they bought a 309-sq ft (29-sq m) apartment and had LAAB squeeze in a host of full-size features. Read more
It was only a matter of time before some custom shop got hold of the new Indian Springfield and put its stamp on this quick-change artist that can go from bagger to cruiser and back in minutes. The result is the Frontier 111, a modern retro bagger from Azzkikr Custom Baggers in Phoenix, Arizona. Read more
Jaguar Land Rover has launched a new technology startup focused on research and development. The firm says that InMotion will build innovative apps and services that tackle current transport challenges, such as car-sharing, car ownership and on-demand delivery. Read more
​SpaceX has released footage shot from a circling chase plane of the first successful barge landing of the Falcon 9 mainstage booster. Read more
Adidas and Continental apparently believe that what works on a tire should also work on a shoe. To that end, the two companies have collaborated to produce the Terrex X-King – a trail-running shoe with mountain bike tire lugs providing the grip. Read more
Hyundai has followed news of its IONIQ line of electrified vehicles and roadmap for connected car development with an announcement that its cars will power the "world's first" fuel cell powered zero-emission car sharing service. BeeZero has launched exclusively using Hyundai ix35 vehicles. Read more
This DIY quadcopter kit comes with all of the essential drone components unassembled, so that you can build the custom drone of your dreams. You can even sketch and print your own shells to give it a true personal edge. Then, use your phone to pilot your creation, and record the epic footage to prove it. Read more