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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Der Spiegl Zeitgeist

Wanted Man: A Visit with A Football Leaks Creator

Wanted Man: A Visit with A Football Leaks Creator
SPIEGEL meets up with one of the creators of the anonymous whistleblowing platform Football Leaks, which has shaken professional soccer with its revelations about player contracts and salaries. We visited a man forced into hiding by the powerful industry. By Rafael Buschmannmore... Comment ]
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East-West StoryThe Parallel Lives of Two World-Class Dancers

East-West Story: The Parallel Lives of Two World-Class Dancers
Joy Womack is from California, Sergei Polunin from a poor city in Ukraine. One went East to pursue a career in ballet, the other West. For both, talent has proven to be a double-edged sword. By Samiha Shafy in Moscow more... Comment ]

End of Life Care'We're Reluctant to Talk About Death'

End of Life Care: 'We're Reluctant to Talk About Death'
Bestselling author Dr. Atul Gawande's new book focuses on medical care for the dying. In an interview, he speaks with SPIEGEL about end-of-life priorities, when treatment is a mistake and how rules in care homes are made to be broken. Interview Conducted by Laura Höflinger more...Comment ]

Pippi Longstocking's CreatorWartime Diaries Reveal the True Astrid Lindgren

Pippi Longstocking's Creator: Wartime Diaries Reveal the True Astrid Lindgren
Who was the woman behind Pippi Longstocking? Freshly released wartime diaries along with a new biography reveal Astrid Lindgren, author of some of the world's most beloved children's literature, to be as radical and determined as her best-known character. By Claudia Voigt more... Comment ]

Abandoning SyriaFew Options Left for Stopping the War

Abandoning Syria: Few Options Left for Stopping the War
An exodus of tens of thousands is hemorrhaging out of Syria and into Europe. After four years of civil war horrors, people have given up completely on their country. Is there a shred of hope left for stopping the conflict and rebuilding?  By Christoph Reuter in Beirut more... Comment ]

Oktoberfest's CathedralsArtist Captures Places of Beer Worship

Oktoberfest's Cathedrals: Artist Captures Places of Beer Worship
Photographer Michael von Hassel takes haunting photographs of Oktoberfest's cavernous beer tents once all of the millions of annual visitors have gone home.  By Antje Blinda more... Comment ]

Whistleblower on Medical Research Fraud'Positive Results Are Better for Your Career'

Whistleblower on Medical Research Fraud: 'Positive Results Are Better for Your Career'
In an interview, whistleblower Peter Wilmshurst discusses how pressure from Big Pharma corrupts research into new medicines and leads companies to cover up fraudulent data. He says he has no regrets about taking on an entire industry.  By Rafaela von Bredow and Veronika Hackenbroch more... Comment ]

Iranian Hostage CrisisWest Germany's Secret Role in Ending the Drama

Iranian Hostage Crisis: West Germany's Secret Role in Ending the Drama
In 1981, Jimmy Carter said the world could never know West Germany's role in the negotations for the release of 52 hostages from the US Embassy in Tehran. New research sheds light on the important part the country played in ending the crisis. By Klaus Wiegrefe more... Comment ]

Nazi ArtSculptures from Hitler's Chancellery Discovered

Nazi Art: Sculptures from Hitler's Chancellery Discovered
The sculptures had been missing for decades. But on Wednesday, investigators found pieces of Nazi art that had once adorned Hitler's Chancellery in Berlin.  more...

S&M ImagesMax Mosely and Google End Legal Dispute

S&M Images: Max Mosely and Google End Legal Dispute
Max Mosley has ended his years-long legal dispute with Google. The case centered on the search engine's inclusion of images of the ex-Formula One president participating in an S&M sex party in its search results. Now, the two parties have reached a settlement. By Isabell Hülsenmore... Comment ]