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Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Atlas

What will we be tucking into in the year 2036? A plate of bugs with a side order of seaweed? A glass of milky liquid? Take your places at table and join us as we take a look at what mealtimes in the future might look like.​   Read more
​Nissan has been one of the biggest proponents of electric power in the automotive world, but it's never offered a range-extender to regular consumers. That's set to change with the launch of the new e-Power drivetrain, which draws on a small petrol engine to charge the battery when range is low.   Read more
It was only a couple of months ago that one Henrik Fisker electric vehicle firm was unveiling a new model and now we have another. Whereas the Karma Revero is borne of Henrik Fisker's original Fisker Automotive, though, the Fisker EMotion hails from his new Fisker Inc.   Read more
With the US election looming, the White House has outlined just how the President's official social media accounts will be handed over, and how all content created during the Obama administration will be archived.  Read more
Fresh from disrupting the taxi industry and charging ahead with autonomous cars, Uber is looking to add 170-mph electric VTOL air taxis to its on-demand transport mix. Here are the key points from Uber's fantastic 97-page Elevate white paper.   Read more
This year the tally of known near-Earth asteroids and comets passed 15,000 and more are being discovered, like asteroid 2016 VA, which buzzed our planet Wednesday just a day after it was first spotted.   Read more
​Samsung has announced a new line of mobile accessories will soon be available around the world. The line includes a bottle-shaped speaker and LED lamp, an induction charging pad, a range of portable battery packs, a USB LED light, a scoop-shaped wireless speaker and a pair of rectangular earbuds.   Read more
Once again, Kia has gone all out for the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Its quartet of concepts climbs ski slopes, supports triathletes, records rock and roll and ferries business people about in class, all without anyone in the driver's seat.   Read more
SpaceX is hopeful it will resume launches of its Falcon 9 rocket by the end of the year as it narrows down the possible causes of the explosion​ on September 1 that destroyed the booster and its AMOS-6 satellite payload.   Read more
A new instrument developed by NASA could function as “a rover’s sense of smell” to aid the search for alien life. Using lidar, a light-based system like radar, the instrument can detect organic particles that indicate living organisms, and even determine how recently that life may have been present.   Read more
Hyundai took a 2017 Ioniq hybrid prototype to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, injected some nitrous oxide, and let 'er rip to achieve an FIA-approved production-based hybrid land speed record of 157.825 mph (253.995 km/h)​.   Read more
Back in 2014, newly launched British coach builder David Brown Automotive showed its first work, the Speedback GT. This week, the company is highlighting the car's British roots, showing a red, white and blue trio as it prepares to move into the next phase of development.   Read more
Apple and Microsoft announced their new-for-2016 laptops within days of each other. Join New Atlas as we compare and contrast the 13-inch variants of Apple's current MacBook Pros with the Microsoft Surface Books.   Read more
Despite its chatty demeanor, Amazon's Alexa personal assistant has, up until now, remained faceless. That has now changed courtesy of a family focused robot by the name of Yumi, which manufacturer Omate says is the first robot to be powered by the artificial intelligence (AI) platform.   Read more
In spite of the global push to downsize engines, Mercedes hasn't given up on the classic inline six and V8 yet. The German giant has unveiled details about its new modular family of engines, all of which are fully compatible with the latest hybrid and electric technology. ​   Read more
The new sixth-generation COPO is the latest in a line of factory drag cars from Chevrolet, but it's not the only race-oriented Camaro to be revealed at SEMA this week. The company will also showcase a test car loaded up with concept parts produced through its SS Drag Race Development program.   Read more
Gensler's Shanghai Tower, the world's second-tallest building, has been declared the world's best skyscraper by information specialist Emporis in its annual skyscraper awards. The mixed use megatall skyscraper was lauded by Emporis for its elegant design and energy-efficiency.   Read more
Mopar has shown its hand at SEMA, whipping the covers off six show cars for its stand at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Highlights include a Challenger, a retro-modern Jeep and a RAM Power Wagon.​  Read more
The latest light from Nanoleaf may end up providing creative individuals one extra element to puzzle over. The Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit is designed to be a modular lighting solution, featuring WiFi-controlled, color-adjustable, triangular panels that snap together like Legos.   Read more
Having won the last four world championships, Volkswagen has pulled the pin on its WRC program. The decision comes just a week after Audi ended its involvement in the WEC, and signals a renewed push within the wider Volkswagen Group toward "upcoming technologies" and electric power.   Read more
Honda Aircraft Company has given credence to its claim that its HondaJet is the fastest jet in its class by breaking two speed records. The records were set over two recognized courses in the US from Teterboro, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts to Palm Beach, Florida.   Read more
A team from Denmark has created a pair of waterproof pants for cyclists and adventurers that use a unique fastening system to make them easier to put on and take off. ​  Read more
Today, Google announced a November 10th ship date for its new Daydream View virtual reality headset and controller, a grown-up version of the experimental Cardboard viewer. Daydream is available for pre-order through the Google Store now.   Read more
Distractions are everywhere, even in your ears when you're trying to shut the world out with music. You just can't always trust yourself or your favorite apps to deliver the most productive audio options, and that's why was created. uses AI and a wealth of neurological research to stream the best background music for studying, sleeping, or relaxation. Give yourself a productivity boost and outmatch your to-do list with   Read more