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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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Strache tries to woo Austrian Serbs to vote for Hofer
One of Hofer's election posters. Photo: Paul Gillingwater
The leader of Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party is urging Austrian citizens of Serbian descent to vote for the FPÖ’s Norbert Hofer in the presidential election. 
World's shortest international flight of 8 minutes takes off
Photo: Tino Dietsche/People's Air
The world's shortest international flight of just eight minutes took off on Wednesday, bringing travelers across the border from Switzerland to Germany on an Austrian airline. 
    Man arrested after attempted hospital sex attack
    A view of Innsbruck. Photo: Dnalor01/Wikimedia
    An 18-year-old Somali man has been arrested for breaking into a hospital and trying to sexually assault a female patient. 
    Austrian in Halloween costume found dead in NYC
    The character Alex from the film 'A Clockwork Orange'. Photo courtesy Everett Collection. 
    An Austrian man has reportedly been found dead on New York's Williamsburg Bridge, wearing a Halloween costume. 
    Putin criticises Austrian justice system over rape case
    The Supreme Court meets in Austria's Palace of Justice. Photo: Hubertl / Wikimedia 
    Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has criticised Austria for acquitting an Iraqi refugee who raped a schoolboy - failing to realise that the man has not been acquitted.  
    Cold front to move across Austria after All Saints' Day
    Take advantage of the sunshine whilst you can... Photo: Harry Pammer/Flickr
    After some pleasant mild and sunny autumn weather Austria can expect to experience a cold front, with rain and snow forecast after All Saints' Day on November 1st.  
    Police attacked as they try to close down illegal rave
    Photo: Paul Gillingwater
    Six police officers were injured when they tried to shut down an illegal rave in Vienna’s Simmering district.  
    Asylum seekers save pensioner from drowning
    Two Afghan asylum seekers rescued a pensioner who had fallen in a river in Upper Austria and was in danger of drowning. 
    Survey: 40 percent of Austrians voted FPÖ at least once
    Campaign poster for Norbert Hofer. Photo: Paul Gillingwater
    Seven out of ten Austrian voters believe that the government does not have the country’s problems under control - but the majority would still not want to see the right-wing FPÖ in government. 
    Turkey warned over death penalty plans
    Photo: Minister-president Rutte/Wikimedia
    The Council of Europe warned Turkey against reestablishing the death penalty Sunday as Ankara stepped up its crackdown over the failed July coup by firing 10,000 more civil servants. 
    Op ed
    Life as a new expat in Vienna
    Photo: Paul Gillingwater
    Anastasia Gromontova is a student recently arrived from Ukraine. She writes about her experience as an expat in Vienna in her first year. 
    V-J Day Kiss woman passes on
    Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Life Magazine
    The woman whose participation in an impromptu kiss celebrating the end of the war with Japan has died on Thursday after a brief illness at the age of 92.  
    Seven things that surprised me about Austrians
    Wien Tourismus
    As she prepares to leave Vienna after three years living here, the Local’s Maddy French muses over some of the things that surprised her about Austrians. 
    Ghost of Austria's 'last monarch' still looms large
    Franz Josef in 1905. Photo: Library of Congress
    Even a century after his death, Austria's mutton-chop whiskered emperor Franz Joseph still looms large in the national consciousness. 
    Austria's refugee crisis: One year on
    Donations being handed to Train of Hope to be distributed to refugees. Photo: Facebook/Train of Hope
    A look back on a year since 71 refugees and migrants were discovered in the back of a truck in Austria, having suffocated to death while being smuggled into central Europe. 
    More news
    'UFO' sightings in skies above Vienna and Graz
    File image of an alleged UFO. Photo: Flickr/Dimapolo
    Worried Austrians called police and posted videos online after sighting a UFO-like device above the capital Vienna. 
    Austrian police rescue 47 puppies from animal smuggler
    Photo: Landespolizeidirektion Burgenland
    Austrian police have seized 47 puppies found in a car at the Hungarian border.  
    Call for FPÖ chief's Facebook page to be shut
    Heinz-Christian Strache. Photo: Facebook/Personal
    The Austrian lawyer who filed a criminal case against the leader of the Freedom Party for inciting hatred has called for his Facebook page to be shut down. 
    Female terror suspect 'planned suicide attack'
    Photo: Paul Gillingwater
    Police have arrested the wife of a Chechen terror suspect after they found evidence that the pair were planning a suicide attack in Austria. 
    'Death must be Viennese', and not just at Halloween
    Prater amusement features memento mori. Photo: Paul Gillingwater
    Dominik Creazzi, "Paranormal Investigator" embossed on his jacket, strains his ears among the decaying tombstones of Vienna's central cemetery, the last resting place of three million mortals from Beethoven to "Rock Me Amadeus" singer Falco. 
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    Immigration to Switzerland falls as emigration rises
    File photo: The Local
    Immigration in Switzerland has fallen considerably this year, according to official figures.  
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    Bus ad and music video encourage Americans to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.  
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