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Saturday, August 6, 2016

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Band killed in Sweden crash has posthumous number one
The circumstances of the crash remain unclear. Photo: TT
British band Viola Beach scored a posthumous number one with their debut album on Friday, topping the charts in their homeland six months after they were killed in a road accident in Sweden. 
Is Sweden about to make this comic book icon a woman?
Who's going to be the next Phantom? Photo: Egmont Publishing
The main hero of The Phantom has long been a man, but in Sweden that could all be about to change. 
    Hospital on heightened alert after 'threat'
    Sweden's Karolinska University Hospital. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT
    The threat is not linked to terrorism, but extra security guards have been called in, Sweden's Karolinska University Hospital has said. 
      The curious case of Sweden's disappearing police car
      A file photo of a police car, not the disappearing vehicle in question. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
      Officers in Gothenburg managed to lose a police car without even noticing.  
      Sweden's asylum seeker cruise ship told to set sail
      The Ocean Gala cruise ship. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder/ NTB scanpix/TT
      Floating Accommodations has been fighting to keep the Ocean Gala at Utansjö port. But the vessel originally planned to lodge 1,800 asylum seekers has been told to leave by a local court.  
      'I'm one of those people who don't know where they belong'
      Saina Behnejad in Stockholm. Photo: Emma Löfgren/The Local
      The Local's intern Saina Behnejad, whose Iranian parents moved from Stockholm to London when she was five, explains why she will always keep returning to Sweden. 
      Watch: Nordic scientists get rare dolphin surprise
      The short-beaked common dolphin. Photo: Mads Schultz/Øresundsakvariet 
      But there may be a serious reason explaining its visit to Swedish waters. 
      Swedish free church plans to 'bomb' Isis areas with bibles
      A file photo of a Livets Ord meeting. Photo: Fredrik Persson/TT
      It wants to drop thousands of bibles into Isis-controlled areas in the Middle East. 
        In pictures: Seven signs you're on top of Nordic trends
        Scandinavian style. Photo: Bouger Stockholm
        Want to show your guests that you're on top of Swedish design trends? Antonia Wiklund from lists seven secret signs in your home. 
        The Local Recipes 
        How to throw your own Swedish crayfish party
        Swedish crayfish party. Photo: Carolina Romare/
        Haven't been invited to a crayfish party? Throw one yourself and wow your Swedish friends. 
        The Local List
        Five handy hacks to help you survive living with Swedes
        Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
        The Local details five things worth knowing if you want to survive renting in one of Sweden's huge apartment blocks.  
        The Local List
        18 mistakes foreigners make when first moving to Sweden
        Dressing up as an elk is never a mistake. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
        So you think you can handle Sweden? 
        The Local List
        Five Swedish summer habits that confuse newcomers
        For a Swede there's nothing more relaxing than escaping the city to do more chores. Photo: Hasse Holmberg/TT
        Wonder what that smell is, or where everyone has gone? You're probably a newcomer to the Swedish summer.  
        My Swedish Career
        'I never intended to start this, but I saw a gap in the market'
        Jerome Lantheaume. Photo: Private
        Jerome Lantheaume, 44, hopes to get Swedes mingling and listening to deep house music at his mini-festivals in Malmö. 
        The Local Recipes
        How to make Swedish 'Dream' cookies for fika
        Now not only in your dreams. Photo: Jurek Holzer/SvD/SCANPIX
        Want to fika but think cinnamon buns are too complicated? Try this recipe for a simple but yummy Swedish cookie.  
        More news
        Coach jailed for groping girls at football cup
        The 36-year-old football coach in court. Photo: Adam Ihse/TT
        A 36-year-old soccer coach accused of 'groping' teenage girls at Sweden's Gothia Cup youth football tournament has been locked up for two months by a Gothenburg district court. 
        Refugee crisis
        Hundreds more to protest tougher Swedish asylum laws
        Protestors outside the Riksdag on Wednesday. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
        Organizers expect more people to turn up for the second day of protests near the Riksdag than the first, which attracted around 500 demonstrators. 
        Norwegians told to seek their fortune in Sweden
        Time for Norwegians to move to Sweden? Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord/NTB scanpix/TT
        Unemployed Norwegians are being urged to head for greener pastures in Sweden. 
        Would you wear this bizarre Swedish poo emoji sweater?
        Poo at premium prices. Photo: Acne Studios
        Always wanted a poo-branded sweater from a high fashion brand? Sweden's Acne Studios can make your dreams come true.  
        Swedish police officer cut from car after elk crash
        File photo of an elk in Sweden. Photo: Anders Andersson/TT
        Emergency services had to come to the aid of two police officers after they crashed into an elk in central Sweden. 
        From our other editions
        Turkish nationalists storm wrong party in Vienna
        The Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus in September 2005. Photo: Wikimedia/KF
        Turkish nationalists turned a birthday celebration into a surprise party when they stormed an event in Vienna after mistaking it for a Kurdish workers’ meeting. 
        Socialist Party to help expats become Swiss
        File photo: Martin Abegglen
        Party launches new campaign to encourage B permit holders to become Swiss citizens. 
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        10 pieces of German slang you'll never learn in class
        Want to know how to chat like a native? Then look no further than this helpful list. 
        Robbed in Rio: Danish Olympic team hit by thieves
        The Danish rooms in Rio's Olympic Village are "simply not in order". Photo: Morten Rodtwitt
        The robbers even had the cheek to deprive Morten Rodtwitt, Denmark's Olympic boss, of his iPad.  
        The Local List
        How to get angry in Spanish: The Local guide
        Furious about something? Photo: John Mutford
        Furious about something in Spain? Don't know how to let it all hang out? 
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        Five things Americans should know about voting abroad
        'Avicii is for Sweden what Beyonce is for America'
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        Why expats choose international health insurance
        Ryanair slashes London routes from Gothenburg
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        Honey, the dentist shrunk my penis
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        What can newcomers learn about Sweden at Almedalen?
        Five bizarre Swedish summer habits
        IN PICS: What Harry Potter's life would be like if he lived in Sweden
        Property of the week: Östersund, Jämtland
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        Gran Canaria: Where Swedes go to work (and play)
        The Local Voices
        Gabriel mastered Swedish and got accepted onto a medicine degree in just 7 months
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        'Sweden's Lauryn Hill' touches the country's musical soul
        Analysis & Opinion
        Why Malmö violence is not terrorism
        IN PICTURES: Stockholm Pride 2016
        Swedish cop makes arrest of the year
        Anyone for a bite of 340-year-old shipwrecked stinky cheese?
        People-watching: July 27th
        Why Sweden's high taxes are not as high as you think
        What's haggis in a condom doing on Swedish children's TV?
        Meet the northern Swede who is the world's best mosquito killer
        Sweden's Hollywood star Alicia Vikander puts her pen in the bottle
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        The Jewish Syrian who dreams of rebuilding his country
        Watch this Swedish weather host leave his fly open... on live TV
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        'I fled war in Syria. I never expected to be beaten in Sweden'
        EU hits truck cartel with record price fixing fine
        OPINION: Why Sweden is the most extreme country in the world
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        'There is equality in accommodation in Sweden: Everyone is suffering'
        Property of the week: Gräsö, Östhammar
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        ‘I feel like I’m living in a grave!’
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        'Even xenophobic Swedes can be polite’
        The Local Voices
        'The best time to be smuggled to Europe is August 20th, 2015'