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Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Atlas

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
They’re expensive, but quirky weekend toys open the door to a world of fun beyond what cars can offer. BRC, parent to Can-Am and Seadoo, has been busy keeping its lineup of weekend warriors fresh and ready for fun, unleashing a new Can-Am Spyder and Maverick alongside an updated Sea-Doo Spark.   Read more
If recent mobile technology releases are any indication, pictures are still worth a thousand words – and millions of dollars. Emojis and short animations have become communication essentials. Here’s how these modern pictographs are taking over the world, and how tech companies are trying to cash in.   Read more
Land Rover says that its 2017 Range Rover Sport features its most efficient powertain to date, thanks to a new fuel-sipping diesel engine that offers similar performance to the outgoing 3-l V6 engine. It also comes with a host of new semi-autonomous driving technologies.  Read more
Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group has completed its first stateside condo in Coconut Grove, Miami. A plush paradise for the well-heeled and their pampered pets, the Grove at Grand Bay is also aiming for LEED Gold certification and boasts a degree of sustainable design.  Read more
Malaria is a common and dangerous disease, killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. Now, scientists have developed a synthetic protein which not only completely cures the disease in mice, but also prevents it from recurring down the track.   Read more
Toy robots are pretty commonplace these days, and plenty are modular as well, but with its spherical "cells" the CellRobot looks more versatile than most, coming together as everything from an RC racer to a home security guard.   Read more
Intel has used its 2016 Developer Forum to launch its new Joule platform. The Joule is compatible with the full range of RealSense tools, allowing developers to create drones and robots capable of analyzing and understanding the world around them.    Read more
The days of the bulky gaming tower are fading, but a laptop isn’t for everyone. So with the IdeaCentre Y710 Cube, Lenovo is aiming for a portable desktop middle ground, or if space-saving takes priority, the AIO Y910 crams the same power into an all-in-one monitor form.   Read more
HP has decided the best way to make a splash in the gaming world is to do things differently. The Omen X has a unique square design and can be upgraded with industry-standard parts, for a fresh look at what big-brand gaming PCs can do.  Read more
An armada of supercharged sport bikes is gearing up for the eleventh edition of the World Wheelie Championship. This year’s contestants have their sights firmly set on Gary Rothwell’s world record from last September, when he exited the one kilometer run at almost 210 mph on his back wheel.   Read more
Intel just unveiled an all-new standalone VR headset: Project Alloy. With help from a colleague, CEO Brian Krzanich demoed the device onstage at Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco. At first glance, it looks to be an ambitious, potentially powerful foray into VR. ​  Read more
Whether you like it or not autonomous cars are coming. The role of the car is changing, and big manufacturers are being forced to change with it. With this in mind, Ford has announced its intention to have a fully autonomous, ride-sharing vehicle ready for delivery in 2021.   Read more
Perched atop a 15 foot​-tall concrete column, ReActor is a house/art installation that tilts and rotates a full 360 degrees, its movement a response to the wind and the weight distribution of the occupants – architect artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley, who've lived in the house for five days.   Read more
MIT scientists may be bringing a new level of accuracy to epidurals, developing a scattered-light sensor that can be embedded in the tip of a needle to ensure anesthesiologists hit the right spot.   Read more
By recording a close-range, time-lapse video of coral's response to rising sea temperatures, researchers have gained some new insights into how it expels algae from its tissue, a risky defense mechanism known as coral bleaching.​  Read more
The UK Secretary of State for Energy has given approval for what will be the biggest offshore windfarm in the world. Hornsea Project Two is the second site of the Hornsea offshore project and will comprise up to 300 turbines with a total capacity of up to 1.8 GW.   Read more
The GX800 laptop looks like an impressive beast. Not only does it offer the innovative liquid cooling dock that the company first introduced last year, but it's very powerful, with dual graphics cards, 1 TB of SSD storage and more.   Read more
Class doesn't need to mean blackboards and bad cafeteria food anymore--hop on the couch, turn on your computer, and go back to school! From the very basics to specialized coding niches, this bundle encompasses all the knowledge you need to grow or even change your career path--don't wait for the 8 am bell, start learning today.   Read more