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Monday, August 15, 2016

New Atlas

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
Forget variable length intakes and variable valve timing, Infiniti is going all the way and introducing variable cylinder compression ratios. The new VC-T turbo engine automatically adjusts between a high-powered 8:1 and a hugely efficient 14:1 ratio as you drive.   Read more
The team behind the Green Village has been bending bamboo into spectacular luxury villas in the Balinese jungle for years, so New Atlas ventured into the island's heartland to see how the pioneering architects at Ibuku are changing perceptions of this wildly abundant material.   Read more
​Last month, audio engineer John Kasha launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a frequency-enhancing device called the m.e. into production. It's promised to deliver the kind of listening experience you get when sitting in the front row at a concert. We were sent a pre-production prototype to try.   Read more
Initially designed for inner city commuting at moped speeds, the 1954L electric scooter found itself venturing on an odyssey across three European countries as it powered our participation at the 2016 WAVE Trophy. This is our conclusive report on how it coped with this adventure.   Read more
Transmitting data on wavelengths we can see might turn out to be more efficient and secure than radio waves. Researchers have developed a nanocrystal that helps boost data speeds transmitted through visible light up to 2 Gbps – while pleasantly lighting the room.   Read more
Looking to take on-skin technology beyond the medical monitoring arena, Microsoft Research and MIT are exploring the potential for functional temporary tattoos made from gold leaf that offer input, display and wireless communications capabilities, while looking fabulous.   Read more
The Fathom One is designed to make amateur photography ​beneath the waves a bit more accessible, with a modular design and an HD camera for adventurers taking the plunge into underwater exploration.   Read more
Researchers from the University of California San Diego have developed a neurodevelopmental model of a rare genetic disorder that could help shed light on the workings of the human social brain.   Read more
NASA's JPL and Homeland Security are working together to take some of the load off firefighters' shoulders, by developing a new machine learning system that collects data on the emergency environment, and feeds relevant information and recommendations to the responders.   Read more
Current electrochromic window tinting technologies are generally slow to change state, struggle to achieve high levels of darkness, and rely on a constant current to maintain their tint. A team at MIT has developed an energy-efficient thin film material that overcomes these shortcomings.   Read more
It's been over three years since Elio Motors' three-wheeled, two-passenger vehicle first crossed our radar with no firm production or delivery dates in sight just yet. The startup is now asking its enthusiastic fans​ for binding commitments to purchase an Elio to help it secure government loans.   Read more
SpaceX has nailed another seabarge landing of a first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket. Returning from the successful launch of a Japanese communications satellite, the Falcon 9 booster set down on the "Of Course I Still Love You" droneship late Saturday.   Read more
Many outdoor users might consider "outdoors" and "technology" words that should never be used in the same sentence. But regardless of what traditionalists think, technology is infiltrating outdoor recreation and sports in a big way. We found it everywhere at the recent Outdoor Retailer show.   Read more
Britain's MoD has provided a glimpse of the future of war by unveiling plans that include the development of robotic dragonflies, laser weapons, and virtual reality helmets as part of a new defense innovation initiative designed to speed the transition of new systems from the lab to the battlefield.   Read more
​At first look, the big trunk and ultra-padded passenger seat with partial armrests of the Indian Motorcycles Roadmaster would seem to convey a top-heaviness that might leave the rider with a constant need to fight gravity. But an all-day ride with a passenger proved to have the opposite effect.​   Read more
​​Mefenamic acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, commonly used to relieve period pain. Thanks to research being conducted at The University of Manchester, however, it may eventually have another use – the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.   Read more
An international team of scientists has accurately measured how much of the light striking, or tanning your body comes from outside of our galaxy.   Read more
Step inside the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, and you’ll get a glimpse into a world where two-wheeled machines were far less complicated yet still advanced for their time.​   Read more
When they launched, the HTC Vive​ and Oculus Rift​ both had multiple games bundled with the headsets, to help sweeten their respective pots. While that hasn't changed today, the specific games that come with the Vive just did.   Read more
Take the struggle out of digital collaboration, and get your team hooked up with Droplr. Simply drag a file to the Droplr icon on your desktop or hit the short cut, and you'll automatically upload it to a remote server. Then, anyone on your team attached to your account will be able to access and work on the content. Filled with useful features to make teamwork more efficient, this app will pay for itself in productivity.   Read more