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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Atlas

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
The world's largest aircraft made its first public outing this week when Hybrid Air Vehicles​' helium-buoyant Airlander 10 airship was guided out of its hangar at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire, UK,​ ahead of a short series of ground tests in anticipation of its first flight in Britain.  Read more
With two major headsets launched and another on the way, virtual reality has filled up many of the tech headlines in 2016. Even with the the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now on the market, VR still faces a number of tough hurdles before it can become ubiquitous, and here's what we think lies ahead.   Read more
One of the best things about tiny houses is that they can be customized to reflect people's particular tastes and lifestyles. If your idea of fun includes hanging out with friends, putting golf balls, and shooting both hoops and guns, then the Man Cave Tiny House may be of interest.   Read more
​With many people seeing virtual reality as the biggest thing to come along since the smartphone, maybe it's appropriate that VR headsets would get their own equivalent of the smartphone case. But is such a thing necessary?  Read more
We're fascinated by the drama and romance involved in chasing speed records, sending the value of cars like the McLaren F1 skywards the second they launch. One exception is the Jaguar XJ220. Since 1992, values have never made it past list price, but it would appear prices are on the rise.   Read more
A lack of stable, efficient blue materials has been holding OLED technology back. Now a team of researchers is using a machine-learning system to identify efficient blue OLED molecules, and with the discovery of over a thousand new ones, soon the B in RGB might not be such a problem.   Read more
Scientists have traced the origins of the ambling horse back to medieval England, where the knights' penchant for the pleasant four-rhythm saunter and the selective breeding that followed instigated the global spread of the gaited horse. ​​   Read more
Of all the smart devices that can give reminders or the weather in the morning, the toaster probably isn’t one that springs to mind. Toasteroid is a smart toaster that can cook a customized image or message into your bread, forecast the weather, or send a message to a friend’s toaster.   Read more
Unveiled at the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last week, the new Winnebago Concept Adventure Vehicle shows the possibility of an off-grid-capable 4x4 Winnebago optimized for boundless adventure.   Read more
Neoprene is good at keeping surfers warm in the water, bit producing it is a dirty business. In an attempt to make your next session in the green room a bit greener, Patagonia’s latest line of wetsuits drops neoprene in favour of natural rubber.   Read more
​​With the sheer amount of labor involved in things like inspecting crops it is perhaps no surprise that farmers are looking to automate certain tasks. And they may soon have a new tool at their disposal, with researchers developing a robot that can navigate difficult terrain and round up cattle. ​   Read more
​The video of NASA testing its Space Launch System in the desert about month ago made for some pretty spectacular viewing, but the agency's B camera was a pretty capable piece of gear, capturing the massive rocket plume in unprecedented detail.   Read more
Athletes have long looked to technology to gain an edge over their opponents on the sporting field. Having taken to the court with its ConnectedX Basketball,​ Wilson is now running onto the football field with the Wilson X Connected Football​.   Read more
​Digital tools revolutionized the field of graphic design. Thanks to fun and effective mobile apps, designers are being untethered from their computers as well. These apps help you spend less time hunched over a keyboard, and more time seeking inspiration in the real world.   Read more
Many Madagascar villages aren't accessed by decent roads. This means that it can be difficult getting medical samples to labs in a timely fashion. That's where a project led by Stony Brook University comes in. It's been using drones to get samples from those villages to a testing center.   Read more
MIT scientists have advanced a new design for a lithium-air cell that could perform better than commercial lithium-ion, while also using cheaper materials.  Read more
​​A new study suggests that we may be searching in the wrong place for signs of life on Mars when we examine rocks excavated by meteor impacts for organic compounds.   Read more
Jooki is a digital jukebox for kids, which uses NFC-enabled play figurines to let young music lovers select what they want to listen to without having to hijack their parents’ phones.   Read more
​The world’s first USB Type-C headphones, the JBL Reflect Aware C, are now available for order. First announced in back in April, the high-res earphones are sport-focused, and feature adaptive noise cancelling tech.   Read more
​The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally being held this week at Sturgis, South Dakota became the backdrop for a full reveal of the newly minted Indian Scout FTR750., which will mark the company's return to flat track racing.   Read more
Visitors to this year's London Design Festival will have the opportunity to see the largest GRID installation in the world –​ a modular cubic construction system that's used to create versatile structures. The installation will act as a façade and will wrap around existing trees and bushes.   Read more
As mobile as our mobile devices are, limited battery life means we still have to tether ourselves to a wall socket from time to time. More and more we're seeing charging options built into backpacks and cases themselves. HP has got on board with its Powerup Backpack that packs in a few nifty ideas.   Read more
​​It's already been documented that time spent in nature can relieve stress. However, what if you're somewhere where you can't access nature directly … somewhere such as a prison? Well, it turns out that even watching videos of nature can still make a big difference.​  Read more
The internet is a magical place, but even fairy tales have villains. If you're going to be the hero of your own internet fairy tale, you're going to want the Super-Secure Browsing Bundle, complete with two premium browsing security apps. You'll manage and organize your passwords more securely than ever and browse the web anonymously from anywhere, as you evade the cyber criminals mining for your information.   Read more