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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
Both the Galaxy Note 7 and S7 edge tidily package all of Samsung's high-end advantages. Their biggest difference can be ascertained at first glance: the Note 7 is a full-on phablet with a big screen and nimble stylus. The sans-stylus S7 edge is just a notch below the Note in size and adaptability.   Read more
With the Apple Watch 2.0 rumored to be arriving alongside the iPhone 7, we're yet to see smartwatch sales hit the heights that seemed possible when the first Apple timepiece launched in March 2015. Can the new model get us interested in the smartwatch again? Or has its time already passed?   Read more
Indian Motorcycle introduced its take on that look with the Chief Dark Horse last year and followed it up in 2016 with the Chieftain Dark Horse, a flat black bagger with sharp styling and plenty of stage presence.   Read more
Nissan just released the Titan XD in its gasoline format to the public, and we got a chance to go hands-on with this huge pickup truck. After driving it both on and off the road, we found that it has qualities its diesel stablemate is missing.   Read more
If you're looking for a digital music interface that lets the audience see what you're up to, has the sensitivity and playability of an acoustic instrument and doesn't require a university education to play, all of these boxes, and more, are ticked by the Mune.   Read more
The original Cinch! tent combined the speed of pop-up pitching with a solar panel, battery pack and LED lighting. Now, there's an updated version, with improved solar functionality, a new canopy big enough to accommodate a table and chairs and, mercifully, a way to keep you cool when it's sunny.   Read more
For DIY home improvers, avoiding gas lines, water pipes and wiring is tricky if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of the house plan. That's where WalabotDIY steps in, allowing avid home improvers to see what dangers might lurk behind an innocent wall.   Read more
​A stable’s worth of horsepower goes into making VR the immersive experience it is, and with the GTX 1080, Nvidia rolled up its sleeves and gave us the entire farm. Two cheaper, less meaty options followed, the GTX 1070 and 1060, and now the company has squeezed its VR-ready GPU line into notebooks.   Read more
​Camouflage is common in animals, but blending in visually won’t help prey evade predators who hunt through echolocation. Researchers have studied how luna moths evolved twisted tails as a form of acoustic camouflage that bounces sound waves in all directions to keep bats from homing in on them.   Read more
​Video calling has huge potential, but no one has perfected the formula yet. Google revealed its answer to natural, reliable, universal video messaging at Google IO in May, and has now followed up with the release of the Duo one-to-one video calling app.​​   Read more
NASA is that much closer to snatching an asteroid after the robotic half of its two-part Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) passed a key program review. The mission to retrieve an asteroid and move it into lunar orbit for study can now proceed to the next phase of design and development.   Read more
Koenigsegg has carved a nice into the hypercar world with staggeringly quick hypercars like the Agera and, more recently, Regera. Now, an orange and black slice of that Swedish insanity is headed stateside in the form of the Agera XS.   Read more
For this year's Sturgis rally, Ducati teamed up with West coast custom builder Roland Sands to put a Californian twist on the Italian-American XDiavel cruiser. The result: this sexy, swoopy and nicely detailed design that gives the XDiavel a classic twist without straying too far from the original.   Read more
Hyperloop could be heading to the Middle East, thanks to a new deal signed on Monday. The partnership calls for a feasibility study of how the nascent, ultra-fast transport technology could improve Dubai's Jebel Ali Port, but both parties hope that's just the beginning.   Read more
The Honda Civic nameplate has been around since 1972, but even icons need to adapt with the times. Enter the new Civic hatch, which is designed to take it up to the Golf with a sharp exterior, practical cabin and fully-independent suspension system.   Read more
Evolving fungal diseases are threatening the global banana industry, and a total “bananageddon” could wipe out the fruit within a decade. Researchers at University of California, Davis have sequenced the genomes of the fungi to find a way to fight back.   Read more
Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have developed a sun-activated device that kills 99.999 percent of bacteria in water, within just 20 minutes.​   Read more
Two years ago Audi revealed it was working on an in-car system that would help drivers hit green lights, and though this type of convenience is a while off yet, the first iteration will be built into certain upcoming models to notify drivers of how long they have to wait for a red to turn green. ​   Read more
Scientists are looking at how ultrasound can be used to dry laundry. They've already developed technology that they say could make clothes dryers 70 percent more energy-efficient than they are now. ​   Read more
Lately we are seeing some interesting ideas around how drones can be put to work at sea, and Elbit Systems wants to be part of this conversation. Today it announced a waterproof drone based on a packable, land-based predecessor that that can be recovered and launched again within 15 minutes.​​   Read more
After getting a Microsoft HoloLens in the offices, our first impressions are largely positive​, but the headset's big Achilles' heel is its limited field of view. We mocked up what it really looks like.  Read more
The evolution of the humble travel pillow shows the lengths to which we will go for sleep. The Ostrich Pillow and the Woollip are among the greats where sacrificing dignity for dozing is concerned, but the new NodPod must be commended for its radical "head hammock" approach.  Read more
Going to be away from an outlet for awhile? No problem! Keep all your devices powered up and on the grid with this handy manufacturer-refurbished external charger. Portable, tough, and providing up to 8 complete charges for most smartphones, the Mophie Powerstation XL is the ideal companion for trips, hikes, nights on the town, or any time you'll be away from an outlet.   Read more