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Friday, August 5, 2016

New Atlas ( gizmag)

Gizmag is now New Atlas:  Why we changed our name
If Arctic sea ice melting trends continue, a US military base, built into the Greenland Ice Sheet and abandoned since the 1960s, could eventually be freed from the ice – along with hundreds of thousands of liters of waste and pollutants.   Read more
Even in a full-size house or apartment, a walk-in closet is a nice feature to have, but in a tiny house on wheels, it's positively indulgent. No one trick pony, this well laid-out tiny house also includes a balcony, home office, and an upstairs lounge.   Read more
Researchers at Imperial College London have surprised everyone with research suggesting that binding light to a single electron could result in a new type of light that boasts the properties of both light and electricity.   Read more
Using Flipboard on your mobile or tablet? We've built Flipboard magazines for New Atlas and New Atlas Transport so you can keep up to date with the latest news on the go.   Read more
With so much ancient history, it can be difficult to know where fiction ends and fact begins. Scientists have now discovered the first geological evidence that China's Great Flood did take place, shedding further light on how one of the world's oldest civilizations got its start.  Read more
A Spanish team has created Air-Rops, a system which automatically deploys rollover protection when it detects a roll to keep people safe not only on ATVs, but also tractors, ride-on lawnmowers, and other agricultural machinery.   Read more
Impossible Foods is the latest alternative food company to introduce a version of lab-made "meat" with its plant-based Impossible Burger, which is said to look, smell and taste like real meat. The secret ingredient? Heme, a component of the red pigment in blood.   Read more
After disappearing for almost 50 years, Elvis Presley's BMW 507 ended up in the hands of Munich's finest restoration team, where it was subjected to an exacting restoration. Now it's ready for public consumption, and damn, it looks fit for a king.​   Read more
San Diego-based ​startup Safety First Arms has created a self-locking Smart 2 pistol, which is unlocked using a built-in PIN pad and incorporates an anti-theft alarm to prevent theft, tampering, and unauthorized use.   Read more
NASA engineers have developed a new instrument for gathering around-the-clock atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements from space. The CO2 Sounder Lidar would beam a laser down to the Earth's surface to provide accurate measurements of CO2 levels in a wider range of conditions.   Read more
Range anxiety and charge times means EVs still have some way to go before they're an alternative to internal combustion, which is where fuel cells could be of use. Nissan is testing the waters with its e-NV200, which promises range of 600 km from its new solid oxide fuel-cell. ​   Read more
In the first study of its kind, scientists have monitored the brain activity of seabirds in flight and discovered that they regularly squeeze in some shut-eye while out searching for food, though how they perform on such little rest remains a little unclear.   Read more
Three years after the original concept was shown in Tokyo, Nissan has unveiled a working prototype of its wedge-shaped Bladeglider concept in Brazil​. The BladeGlider is an electric-powered three-seater that Nissan calls an "electric vehicle for car lovers."   Read more
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7​ may have a name that's two generations ahead of last year's Note 5​, but its practical and aesthetic advances are incremental, even for one generation's progress. Is it enough to warrant the upgrade? Let's glean what we can by comparing their features and specs.   Read more
​​We hear about drones being used to do a lot of things, but the creation of art is one that doesn't come up too often. That could be about to change, though, as a computer scientist from Montreal's McGill University has been using tiny quadcopters to paint portraits on the campus' hallway walls.   Read more
​As any good aeronautical engineer will tell you, the more streamlined an airplane is, the less fuel it uses. That's why a recent Aerospace Engineering grad from the University of Texas at Arlington has created a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that turns by shifting weights within its wings.   Read more
Having quality "me time"​ away from work is obviously important, and according to US researchers, the best way to boost your overall energy levels is to engage in an activity during your break.   Read more
​​NASA scientists have taken their first look at the interior of the dwarf planet Ceres, by tracking tiny alterations in the motion of the Dawn spacecraft as it continues to orbit the enigmatic planetoid.  Read more
Earlier this year, Ford unveiled its brand new EcoBlue diesel engine with fanfare of efficiency facts and savings stats. The engine isn't just efficient to run, but to produce too, with the new production line at its Dagenham Diesel Centre said to cut energy and water use by 50 per cent.  Read more
The BBC has announced that UK viewers will be able to experience the 2016 Olympics, which are set to be officially opened in Rio de Janeiro tomorrow, in immersive 360-degree video. The coverage will include both live footage and highlights, viewable through browsers and using mobile VR headsets.  Read more
With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7​ comes the release of an updated Gear VR headset​. The updates on the Gear VR mimic those of the Note 7: they mostly relate to product design, and key features remain essentially the same. We took it for a quick spin at Samsung's NYC event this week.   Read more
Along with room-scale VR done right, motion controllers are what set HTC Vive apart from other VR systems. With that focus on peripherals, it's not surprising that HTC has announced plans to improve support for third party hardware developers to bring new accessories to the Vive system.   Read more
Know what's better than VR? VR with sound. DAWAY 360 VR headsets are an unprecedented innovation, bringing you an amazing virtual reality world, made all the more real with the attached headphones to give you a full visual and auditory experience. Prepare to have your mind blown.   Read more