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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Atlas ( formerly gizmag)

​Wondering what comes next for tires has made for some fascinating concepts, from tweels to shape-shifting hoops able to adapt with the road. The latest designs to receive recognition come from Kumho, which has won International Design Excellence Awards for the Smasher and Sealant.​   Read more
Stuntman Eddie Braun has announced he's going to attempt to complete one of Evel Knievel's most famous failures - the rocketbike jump over Snake River canyon - using a replica Skycycle X-2 built by the son of Knievel's original engineer Bob Truax.   Read more
It seems the engineers at Peugeot Sport have found their mojo after spending a few decades in the doldrums. The 308 GTi is evidence of this, neatly mixing outright performance with usability in the special way reserved for the best hot-hatches.   Read more
Anyone who's tried to play the perfect 18 holes will know it's easy to go from a slice to a hook with just one small tweak, so data about what you're doing can be invaluable in improving. Iofit is hoping its shoes are the answer, analyzing your balance to work on your swing "from the ground up."   Read more
​Having imagined a future of drinks mixing with its Makr Shakr robotic bartenders, design studio Carlo Ratti Associati has now developed a future food experience too. Visitors to Area del Futuro will be able to plant seeds for hydroponic cultivation and track their growth remotely via an app.​   Read more
Rising 162 m (531 ft) over Brighton, the UK's British Airways i360 is recognized as the world's skinniest tower by Guinness World Records. From August 4, members of the public will be able to ride to the top in a futuristic glass pod, grab a beer, and enjoy one of the best views in the country.   Read more
​Silex Power has announced the Valene Black Mamba, a three-wheel electric vehicle aiming to combine the thrill of high-performance motorbikes with some of the perks of automobile-driving. Be in no doubt though, this is a machine designed to put serious venom at the fore.​   Read more
The hydrofoil tech on the all-new Edorado 7S twin-drive electric boat promises a comfortable mix of speed and range while not digging that deep into your wallet - or at least not so deep as other speedy, high-tech electric boats.​​​​  Read more
A new system developed at MIT is designed to reveal energy-gorging appliances around the home through stamp-sized sensors that can be attached to power lines with a zip tie, allowing for more informed decisions about the power-hogs in need of an upgrade.​  Read more
Hod Lipson and his team at Columbia University (CU)​ have been developing a prototype 3D printer designed to print edible creations using a variety of pastes, gels, powders and liquid ingredients, meticulously crafted through computer software and eventually, cooked within the printer itself.   Read more
Delphi and Singapore's Land Transport Authority have joined the likes of Greenwich and Beverly Hills in developing an on-demand autonomous self-driving system to carry commuters the “last mile” home.   Read more
With the UK's longest treetop walkway, a dinosaur-inspired dinosaur museum and elevated adventure park among the projects shortlisted in this year's Structural Awards, the 2016 event promises to highlight a diverse and innovative mix of completed structures from all over the world.   Read more
It's easier than ever to measure the metrics that matter with a raft of smartphone-connected scales, watches and wristbands. Philips is the latest to join the fully connected game, with its new suite of health and fitness measurement devices.   Read more
Issues of safety and morality about autonomous cars are being considered, but not all of these questions are a matter of life and death. Stanford researchers are looking into how to ethically program cars to break minor laws if required.  Read more
A US Navy aircraft with a 3D-printed, flight-critical part has flown for the first time. According to Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), an MV-22B Osprey carried out a test flight with a titanium link and fitting assembly for the engine nacelle.   Read more
Aerix Drones (formerly known as Axis Drones) has evolved one of its most successful models with a virtual reality twist. The Vidius VR drone is designed to immerse users in live, first-person-view flights through special VR goggles.  Read more
The Nikon Coolpix W100 is a family-focused camera that is both water-proof and tough, which is handy if you are letting your kids run off with it at the beach. The camera, which is a follow-up to the S33, also boasts built-in wireless connectivity.   Read more
Having already been thwarted twice in its attempt to take the motorcycle world land speed title back to the UK, Triumph will return to the Bonneville Salt Flats​ later this month​ for another crack at besting the 376.363-mph (605.698-km/h)​ record set in 2010.   Read more
The Woolf wristband fits under your riding leathers, and hooks up to a global speed camera database to warn you when there's a speed trap ahead. If it saves you one ticket, it's paid for itself.   Read more
Australia is slowly drifting north at a constant rate, significantly throwing off its global coordinates, which could wreak havoc on GPS in future. A government organization is now working to correct the discrepancy, by updating the country’s coordinate system for the first time in over 20 years.   Read more
Tesla has reached an agreement to buy solar power outfit SolarCity for US$2.6 billion, as it had announced was its intention back in June. The companies already have close links and the recently unveiled Part Deux of Tesla's Master Plan had further indicated a desire for greater integration.   Read more
New Atlas is looking for a US-based journalist specializing in mobile tech to join our global team.​   Read more
With CrossOver, you can quickly and easily launch Windows apps right from your Mac dock without buying a Windows license, rebooting, or using a virtual machine. Whether you're looking to use Windows games, productivity software or utility programs, CrossOver allows you to run them natively on your Mac like normal. There's no simpler way to bring your operating systems together to work in harmony!   Read more