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Monday, August 1, 2016

gizmag- New Atlas

​For almost 15 years we've worked hard to keep you up to date with the rise of technology and its impact on our daily lives. That has led us into new frontiers, and now, a new name.   Read more
From today, Gizmag is known as New Atlas, and we thought the moment warranted a look back at some of the key developments that have impacted our personal lives throughout our 15 year history. Join us as we revisit the 21st century's most innovative tech products in mobile, wearable and gaming.​​  Read more
Understanding ISO on your camera can let you shoot in lighting situations you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, it can also let you take control of your image. Here we look at what ISO settings are, and how different settings can be used.  Read more
Tesla's big push for the mainstream has two main elements behind it: the ​Model 3 and the Gigafactory, where batteries can be mass produced. Details on the factory had been scarce, but last week's unveiling in Nevada finally provided some detail on the massive battery production facility. ​   Read more
​With 12-inch wide, 25-inch diameter fat wheels and a simple two-wheel drive system, this unique and "distinctive" Russian ag bike can crawl its way through all kinds of mud and slush. It's light enough to haul over obstacles, and it pulls apart quickly to fit in the back of a car.   Read more
It's not easy – or cheap – to get your hands on authentic Apollo 11 memorabilia. A team based out of Melbourne, Australia is trying to change that by reproducing the original Apollo 11 flight plans, right down to the paper stock, fonts, line spacing and positioning on the page as the originals.​   Read more
Getting a grip on drone piloting can be a difficult (and costly) exercise, but DJI is looking to give beginners more room to move. This month, the Chinese company will open the doors to its first indoor facility designed to accomodate beginners earning their wings.   Read more
​City dwellers might like to drown out the world with noise-cancelling headphones, but some noises are better off not cancelled. Amazon has been awarded a patent for headphones that can recognize specific keywords, like the wearer’s name, and temporarily shut off the noise cancellation.   Read more
City crossovers are hampered by high centers of gravity, making them less agile than regular hatchbacks. Unconcerned by basic physics, STI has created the XV Hybrid tS, in attempt to turn an uninspiring, slow crossover into a slightly more inspiring, slow crossover.   Read more
​​With no chute, no wingsuit and a big net awaiting far below, Luke Aikens tumbled out of the airplane to begin his 25,000-ft free fall. Minutes later he would embrace his family as the first skydiver to pull off such a feat, but the world record attempt wasn't without last-minute complications. ​   Read more
A desalination project proposed for California’s central coast would draw water from one of the world's deepest submarine canyons, making it potentially less harmful to ocean life. The Deep Water Desal facility would require substantially less energy to operate than typical desalination plants.   Read more
Hand carts are a great way to roll gear where it needs to go. But what happens when the gear you need to haul is the cart itself? If it's the Kyboka, you fold it flat in a matter of seconds, drop it in the accompanying shoulder bag and get going.   Read more
SpaceX has been awarded a second post-certification mission order for its Crew Dragon manned spacecraft to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.   Read more
The Italian-built Evo 43 makes itself known as a sharp, stylish boat the minute you spot it on the water. But it's even more than meets the eye.   Read more
Crime scene investigators already have plenty to worry about. But now they've got one more foe; squirrels. We’re not joking. The rodents with razor-sharp incisors chew up crime scenes to maintain their dentition, says new research led by James Pokines at the Boston University School of Medicine.  Read more
When people suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer's, autism or schizophrenia, however, that function can be compromised. Now, scientists have discovered that help for such individuals may lie in the form of zapping their brains while they sleep.​   Read more
A new study suggests that encoding information using corkscrew-shaped laser beams could help us keep pace with our ever-increasing data demands.   Read more
The organized gangs of bacteria known as biofilms are notoriously difficult to dispatch, so researchers figured it might be best to stop them from growing in the first place. They focussed their attention on the communication mechanism inside the colony.   Read more
In the 1990's, Life magazine ran a series of articles in which they asked some of the most renowned architects at the time to design homes that could be built for under US$200,000 and sold the plans. One of the most popular of those designs, has been revamped and made available for sale again.​​   Read more
​​Florida State University Professor Michael Delp has identified a link between deep space radiation exposure, and a high rate of mortality due to vascular deterioration in astronauts who flew beyond low-Earth orbit (LEO) during the Apollo program.   Read more
​​The Rosetta mission is dispelling the notion that comets are leftover bits from crushing cosmic collisions.   Read more
​​Millions of selfies are snapped every day, but they often fail to accurately portray reality, featuring unflattering distortions. A new tool could change that, allowing selfies to be adjusted, giving the impression that they’re taken from a little farther away, or from a slightly different angle.​   Read more
Finally a gadget to help Android and Apple lovers live in harmony has arrived! This handy 6-foot MFi-certified charging cable will keep your trusted devices powered from a distance, so you won't be stuck slouching over a pesky outlet. This must-have cable is compatible with both Lightning devices and micro USB devices, so a difference in platforms won't be the difference maker in your relationship.   Read more