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Saturday, August 13, 2016

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August 12, 2016|View as webpage
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Ret. NJ chief dies after cardiac event
Fla. teen with cancer becomes honorary firefighter
Officials investigate gas leak in Md. fire that injured FFs
Volunteer FFs save fellow firefighter from home blaze: The firefighter radioed in the fire call, which two coworkers responded to in the nick of time
Conn. union: Emergency official is doing FF's work: The employee dispatched himself and responded to fire calls, putting out fires
FDNY firefighter released from hospital after heart attack: Joseph Brady was discharged Wednesday after suffering a heart attack while battling a blaze
15 NJ FFs suffer heat exhaustion after massive fire
Fla. dept. hires first female firefighter
3 La. FFs injured after rig T-boned
Ill. firefighters help deliver baby en route to hospital
911 camp teaches kids about public safety jobs
Ohio chief retires after 31-year career
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Firefighters stamping down racism is a proud moment
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
New York firefighters took a situation that brought shame to us all and turned it into a shining example of firefighter brotherhood.
Community solidarity 
Should fire chiefs give firefighters guns?
By Rob Wylie, FR1 Columnist
Before deciding whether to allow firefighters and EMTs to carry concealed firearms, give careful thought to these five factors.
What to consider 
What type of leader are you?
By Megan Wells, FR1 Contributor
Many different leadership styles make up a fire department. Which type are you?
Take the quiz 
4 steps to better firefighter safety through fitness
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Directing firefighters to better health and fitness in the station will keep them safer on the fire ground.
Prioritize your health 
Challenges in the fire service
U.S. Fire Administrator Ernest Mitchell talks with Chief John Buckman III about the challenges facing the Fire Administration and the fire service.
Watch the video 
JJ Watt trains like a firefighter
Firefighters battle Mich. blaze
2,276Texas firefighters receive body armor
911Fla. dept. hires first female firefighter
461911 camp teaches kids about public safety jobs
403Details released following fatal shooting of Fla. firefighter
385Ohio wins $4.4M grant to hire more firefighters
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