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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


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2 paramedics, 1 other injured in Mich. ambulance crash
SF paramedic arrested for setting off explosive
Paramedics drop Olympic gymnast with broken leg
Man struck by car treated by paramedic he stole from: The firefighter-paramedic treated the man for his injuries before filing a report with the police
Paramedic announces 'historical' step in his presidential campaign:The Mass. medic claims he is the first to contact "nearly every" candidate in this year’s election
'Hangover IV' marketed as dehydration cure: People in many cities have begun asking medics to administer an IV to cure their hangovers
NJ EMT adopts kitten that he saved from smoke inhalation
Ky. agency awarded grant for heart monitors
Neighbor performs CPR, resuscitates drowned baby
Wis. firefighters shut down wedding after 26 suffer CO poisoning
Girl who had heart transplant among 5 dead in murder-suicide
Over 30K bees escape in Wal-Mart parking lot, sting several people
The Lenco BearCat MedEvac®
The BearCat MedEvac contains: (2) wall-mounted Litters, on-board Jumbo-D Oxygen tanks, lighted work station, a radio compartment work station, and ample interior compartments for medical supply and storage.
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911 Call Taking: The Right Information, at the Right Time, to the Right Responder
This will happen for every emergency call with our comprehensive, integrated solutions for police, fire, and medical emergency call taking.
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Use the 24-hour news cycle to your EMS agency's advantage
By Matt Zavadsky, EMS1 Contributor
MedStar shares seven keys to creating a media partnership that educates the community, promotes the agency and meets the top goals of local media.
Stay on top 
5 costly EMS documentation mistakes
By Steve Johnson, EMS1 Contributor
Here are the five EMS documentation mistakes that deny patients coverage they deserve and EMS agencies fair compensation for their services.
Avoid mistakes 
5 things to know about capnography and respiratory distress
By EMS1 Staff
Waveform capnography provides real-time data which helps providers determine the disease process involved in a patient’s shortness of breath.
Test your knowledge 
Is it time for every medic to wear a ballistic vest?
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Paramedic chiefs and EMS leaders need to answer these questions before purchasing body armor for their medics.
Protect your team 
How to auscultate an accurate blood pressure
Whitehead discusses the importance of having the patient uncross their legs and why the patient's arm should be at the same level as their heart. 
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Prehospital use of ketamine
Why it's difficult for EMS leaders to delegate
1,090Dallas officer: Firefighters, paramedics 'didn't get enough credit' for bravery in face of ambush
7325 reasons critical care paramedic training will make you a better medic
727Ohio ambulance company adds 'In God We Trust' to all vehicles
285River medics provide high level care, free coozies on the Illinois River
241'EARS' unit provides free ambulance transport to Conn.’s injured pets
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