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Saturday, August 6, 2016


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Dallas Fire-Rescue receives body armor for paramedics
Ohio ambulance co. adds 'In God We Trust' to all vehicles
Veteran EMT Support Act signed into law
Pa. EMT admits to secretly filming female coworker in bathroom: The man, facing a misdemeanor charge, used his cellphone to record through an old lock
Dallas officer: FFs, medics 'didn't get enough credit' during ambush: One police officer remarked that members of the dept. insisted on reaching wounded officers during live gunfire
Olympics bet on portable isolation units in event of catastrophe: The vacuum-sealed units allow rescuers to safely help victims of chemical and biological attacks
Mich. paramedic saves child locked in car with blood pressure cuff
Pa. disbanding an EMS service in line with national trend
NFL player donates 2K football tickets to first responders
Mass. paramedic volunteers at Rio Olympics
NY fire department buys cooling tent for first responders
Emergency crews receive training on grain bin rescue tool
Taking the Headache Out of Patient Care Reports
Complete ALS and BLS solution. Efficiently create, transmit, fax or print your reports with an easy-to-use backend to handle your most demanding administrative needs.
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Top 10 events for the EMS Olympics
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
If EMS had its own Olympic Decathlon, here’s what our events would be.
IV Octopus? 
EMS: The experience of a lifetime
By Michael Morse, EMS1 Columnist
Every second of a 25-year career of mundane calls, sleepless nights and nightmares was worth it.
Answering the call 
P1 Exclusive
Don’t expect rapid prehospital adoption of this new technology
By Dave Konig, EMS1 Columnist
Augmented reality, with heads-up display devices and conductive swath devices, has the potential to improve patient assessment and care.
What to expect 
7 important questions to answer before hiring your agency's first paid EMT
By Nancy Magee, EMS1 Columnist
Once a volunteer EMS agency decides to hire paid EMTs, these questions must be answered before the positions are announced and interviews begin.
Issues to address 
What EMS can learn from the 2016 EMS Trend Report
Our co-hosts sit down with EMS1 Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese to discuss this year's EMS Trend Report.
Listen to the podcast 
Escaping Violent Encounters: Fight or flight — don't freeze!
Inspiring TED Talks for EMS leaders
Taylor's First Comfortâ„¢ Fleece Economy Blanket - Patient Comfort Matters 
Taylor's First Comfortâ„¢ Blanket is an affordable solution for warming comfort at the scene. Economical, ample coverage and soft fleece.
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4,229Veteran EMT Support Act signed into law
2,334Ohio ambulance company adds 'In God We Trust' to all vehicles
1,206Dallas Fire-Rescue receives body armor for paramedics
845NFL player donates 2K football tickets to first responders
477Mich. paramedic saves child locked in car with blood pressure cuff
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