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Monday, August 15, 2016


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6 dead, thousands evacuated in La. floods
Trial date set for Fla. paramedics in 'selfie war'
Armored vehicle used to retrieve shooting victim in Wis. riot
Woman left behind at closed Mass. dialysis clinic: Firefighters rescued the 86-year-old woman after her family alerted authorities of her absence
Paramedic: Delivering baby in ambulance 'best feeling in the world':Five paramedics and one firefighter pulled the ambulance over to help the woman give birth
Va. couple calls 911 over 1K times for help getting out of bed: Many patients use 911 as their primary care because they are unable to afford anything else
Ohio responders reopen fire station to avoid delayed response times
Mass. officials consider granting amnesty to opioid addicts
Fla. county considers privatizing EMS
Men use ice chest, cushion seat to float after boat sinks
Calif. woman impaled in crash
33 killed, 28 injured as crowded bus veers off Nepal road
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What EMS personnel need to know about electrolyte disorders
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Learn the importance of electrolytes for homeostasis and how to recognize when other vital chemicals and minerals are too high or low. 
A salty tale 
5 keys to developing paramedic chiefs and EMS leaders
By Barry Reynolds, EMS1 Contributor
One of the mistakes that many organizations make in the development and promotion of supervisors is that they "promote to failure."
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Innovation Zone - Black-Fire Gloves
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Non-Woven Fitted Sheet W/Elastic Ends 30" X 84"From EMS Express
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3 things to know about respiratory compromise, pneumonia and sepsis
By Bob Sullivan, EMS1 Columnist
Recognize the signs and symptoms of pneumonia and understand how capnography can be used to guide treatment for pneumonia and sepsis.
Protect patients 
SAE Standards for ambulance safety
By Shawna Whooley, EMS1 Columnist
Recommendations from SAE describe specific testing standards to minimize the risk of injury to providers and patients during an ambulance collision.
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Lifesaving treatment for synthetic drug overdoses
Steve Whitehead describes the dangers of synthetic drugs, like flakka or K2, that are ingested and inhaled.
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Ambulance solar panels save money, reduce environmental impact
Escaping Violent Encounters: 6 types of patients that may get violent
335Paramedic uses Ebola protection to save skunk from cup
241Mo. ambulance agency to purchase body armor
23210 helpful stethoscope tips for EMTs, paramedics and students
224Ga. woman dies after jumping out of ambulance
189'Hangover IV' marketed as dehydration cure