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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Time Machine: Blog from One Year Ago- Fire Critic

The Fire Critic with Rhett Fleitz

Video: Avon Motel Burns on Hatteras Island (2 Videos)

avon motel fire
Fire engulfs Avon Motel. About 100 Hatteras Island firefighters are reported to be on the scene of a fire that was reported late this morning at the Avon Motel on Highway 12 in Avon. "Pretty much the whole island is there," said Richard Marlin, chief of the Frisco Volunteer Fire Department, who was on his way with another engine from that village.
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Six Years Ago…

Six years ago, I penned the first post on I had no idea what the plan was for the site, but I knew exactly what I was doing. Still today, six years later, I use the phrase Captain Wines throws out occasionally... "We don't know where were are going, but we are making good time!"
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Firefighters

Each year, I present a list of great Christmas gift ideas for your firefighter. Most of those ideas stand the test of time and are good for the rest of the year including birthdays and special occasions. I decided this year to compile a list of gift ideas for Father's Day for Firefighters.
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