With an assault rifle and pistol man shoots at a club in Orlando 50 people and injured 53 people. The culprit was an American with Afghan roots. More ...
What we know about the shooter from Orlando
The offender is Omar Siddiqui Mateen. The police are first determination results known - and lists possible motives more ....
"I only see bodies fall"
Blood, bullets, hostages on the toilet: Eyewitnesses describe what has happened in the Club in Orlando more ....
Uefa cautioned England and Russia
After the riots of Marseilles leaves the European Football Federation English and Russians know. In case of recurrence of EM-exclusion is possible more ...
Excitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The Euros
"I have never experienced blatant brawls"
Reported an eyewitness of the riots from Marseille. As a fan, he has seen a lot - he thought of Max Sprick more ... now.
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    Now known: sports weekend
    What the riots in Marseille mean, as the German team runs against Ukraine and why Gareth Bale was too good for Slovakia: All the EM in the digital Sunday Sport newspaper SZ.
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    The psyche is not always to blame
    Today we must not just be sick, it could finally be behind a tortured soul. A plea against excessive psychological interpretations.
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    "Obama has let us down"
    Flea of ​​the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" about politics, greedy colleagues and why the separation of producer Rick Rubin was the best decision.
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    "Ey, age, me there's also"
    The German-Turkish writer Hatice Akyün about home, exaggerated adaptation and their right to be funny.
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    Hate me
    They revere Hitler, deny the Holocaust and have a new star: Donald Trump.Visit at the annual meeting of US neo-Nazis.
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    Small country, great hope
    Albania is waiting to be discovered. Journey through a country that hopes to play for with football a better future.
Götze finds its way back to the big stage
Germany - Hungary
The championship-winning goal has been little progress in the past two years.Now he wants to show the world that he is better than the Bayern left him last look. From Philipp Sellendorf more ...
Ukrainian chocolate on the winger
Jewgen Konopljanka wears Ten - evaporated and dribbles but on the sidelines along. And so is the greatest strength of Germany's first European Championship opponents. From John Aumüller more ... EM-looker
Turkey v Croatia - EURO 2016 - Group D
Modric 'magic gives Croatia gloss
After beginning zerfahrenem Croatia lands a deserved opening win against Turkey -. The playmaker from Real Madrid makes for a brilliant moment of Javier Cáceres, Paris More ...
Axel Hacke
That's the sound of football
Jedrzejczyk, Azpilicueta, Vrsaljko - our author looks forward, as the television and radio reporters are despairing of the name of the EM player from Axel Hacke more ... SZ-Magazin.
Brose Baskets Bamberg v ratiopharm Ulm - BEKO BBL Final Game 3
Bamberg enjoys total dominance
The special feature of the renewed Bamberger Basketball Championship is how superior it has come about. But what will happen to the best players Brad Wannamaker? By Joachim Mölter, Bamberg more ...
"Erdoğan has managed to split families"
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Writer Hatice Akyün arguing just constantly about politics. In this interview she talks about Mesut Özil in Mecca, and why it has likely to return the Turkish passport. By Verena Mayer more ...
  • Hatice Akyün Interview
    "I have to be funny as Turk also a right"
German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits ChinaImages
Merkel in China: rule of law is the basis for economic relations
On the first day of her visit, the Chancellor receives an honorary doctorate. She thanks to shove the legal situation in the country. More ...
People take part in Equality March in KievImages
Thousands of police protect first big gay parade in Kiev
Right-wing extremists wanted to prevent the demonstration. But about 1,000 people went to the Ukraine for the rights of gays and lesbians on the street. More ...
Dutch report rape and even arrested
Since March, the young woman sitting in Qatar in prison. Now her lawyer goes with details from the night to the public. More ...
Doctor Johann Georg Faust (1480-1540), also known as John Faustus what alchemist to itinerant, astrologer, and magician of the German Renaissance. His life wurde the nucleus of the popular tale of Doctor Faust from the 1580s, notably culminating in Chris
Who was the real Doctor Faust?
Charlatan healer, alchemist Johann Wolfgang Goethe's famous character has a real role model. With his hellish end, the number of legends skyrocketed. By Florian shaft more ...
Long March Kanteen
Why is Chinese food with us almost never authentic?
And how can this be changed? No one can explain better than Guan Guanfeng whose family once in Berlin invented a special sauce. From Xifan Yang more ...