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Friday, June 17, 2016

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Albert Rivera defies ban to screen La Roja in Barcelona
Fans will be able to watch the Spain match on a big screen in Barcelona. Photo: AFP
The leader of Ciudadanos is mixing politics with sport. 
    Two-day air traffic strike called at Madrid airport
    Photo: Armando G Alonso/Flickr
    Air traffic operators have called for a strike on June 28th and 29th at Madrid's Adolfo Suárez Barajas airport. 
      American honeymooner suffers racist attack in Malaga
      The man was attacked near Malaga's Malagueta beach. Photo: Jorbasa Fotografie/Flickr
      The group of youths reportedly shouted “Chinese” as they beat up the 22-year-old American. 
        Wildfire forces evacuation of hospital in eastern Spain
        Photo: 112CV
        Three separate blazes are raging across rural Valencia and have forced the overnight evacuation of a hospital and two housing estates. 
          Spain and Gibraltar condemn murder of British MP Jo Cox
          Floral tributes and candles on Parliament Square in London. Photo: AFP
          David Cameron called off a planned speech in Gibraltar following the attack on the Labour MP. 
            Defending champions Spain eye Euro 2016 knockout stage
            Spain face Turkey on Friday. Photo: AFP
            The last 16 beckons for defending champions Spain if they perform well against Turkey on Friday.  
              The Local list
              Get your kit off! Spain's ten best nudist beaches
              Photo: alobos Life/Flickr
              If you are someone who loves to have an all over tan, then it's time to bare all and seek out the best nudist beaches Spain has to offer. 
                Cameron calls off Gibraltar rally after MP attack
                David Cameron has called off his speech in Gibraltar. Photo: AFP
                The British Prime Minister called off a rally on The Rock on Thursday after a Labour politican was shot.  
                  More Venezuelans are asylum seekers in Spain than Syrians
                  A sign hangs outside Madrid's City Hall. Photo: AFP
                  Spain handled a mere 1 percent of all aslyum requests received by European Union nations. 
                    Drug baron 'lieutenant' who gunned down rivals arrested
                    Emiel Brummer was arrested in his pyjamas. Photo: Guardia Civil
                    He is thought to be responsible for gunning down at least 15 people in the settling of scores over the last three years. 

                      Top 10 Spanish treats to keep you cool in summer
                      Spain has some delicious cooling treats to enjoy this summer. Photo: ClubMedUK/Flickr
                      As Spain starts to swelter The Local brings you our list of the best Spanish treats to cool you down as the mercury rises.  
                      The Local list
                      Ten facts you probably didn't know about Spanish wine
                      Spain is the biggest exporter of wine in the world. Photo: LexnGer/Flickr
                      It was the Romans' favourite drink, a muse to Picasso and fell victim to the fascist regime of dicator Francisco Franco. 3 comments
                      The Local list
                      Five brilliant ways to beat the crowds in Barcelona
                      Escape the crowds of tourists for some more relaxed locations in the city. Photo: Quique Garcia / AFP
                      As the summer tourists begin the swarm over the city, discover some of Barcelona's more hidden gems... 
                      Why this bionic limb pioneer doesn't believe in disability
                      Hugh Herr has been award Spain's top science prize. Photo: FPA
                      The Local speaks to Hugh Herr on winning Spain's top science prize and how being an amputee doesn't make him disabled. 
                      Ten top tips to avoid being pickpocketed in Spain
                      Barcelona is the world's pickpocketing capital. Photo: AFP
                      Don't let pickpockets ruin your day. Here is a run down of the most common scams used in Spain to help you avoid becoming a victim. 2 comments
                      More news
                      Girl's best friend: Four-year-old finds comfort with a bull
                      Ainhoa with her bull, Gandal. Screen grab: Atlas News
                      A little Spanish girl with a rare genetic condition that means she can't talk is finding therapy in a very unusual place.. a one tonne bull named Gandul. 
                      Spain 'unhappy' over David Cameron's visit to Gibraltar
                      Fabian Picardo met David Cameron in Downing Street in 2013. Photo: AFP
                      The British Prime Minister will visit The Rock on Thursday to campaign for a Remain vote in the EU referendum. But Spain isn't happy about it. 5 comments
                      Mrs Obama and daughters to visit Spain at end of June
                      The First Lady will be joined by her daughers and mother, Marian Robinson. Photo: AFP
                      The First Lady of the United States will meet with Spain's Queen Letizia. 3 comments
                      Spain's Pau Gasol considers freezing sperm over Zika fears
                      Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol is yet to confirm if he will travel to Rio for the Olympics. Photo: AFP
                      Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol is considering freezing his sperm if he travels to the Olympic Games due to be staged in the shadow of the Zika virus. 
                      Catalans worn down by long independence drive
                      People wave pro-independence Catalan flags. Photo: AFP
                      Catalans - even pro-secessionists - are becoming increasingly tired of the ongoing political infighting in the region.  
                      From our other editions
                      Drunk guide bails on 60 hikers on Austrian mountain
                      Sixty tourists were abandoned on the side of an Austrian mountain by their drunken guide. 
                      Swiss driver fined for speeding at 15 kph
                      The young driver was going at more than twice the legal speed limit. 
                      Will closing borders drive Germans to incest?
                      The Greek-Macedonian border has been closed for much of the year. Photo: DPA
                      Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble told a German newspaper this week that closing Germany’s borders would lead to incest. Wait, what? 
                      Largest-ever Viking gold collection found in Denmark
                      Six gold bracelets and a silver one represent the largest-ever Viking treasure trove uncovered in Denmark. Photo: Nick Schaadt, Museet på Sønderskov
                      Three amateur archaeologists have uncovered the largest ever trove of Viking gold in Denmark. 

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