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Saturday, June 4, 2016

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'Don't leave Italy alone to face migrants': Italian president
Libyan Red Cross personnel retrieve body of a migrant washed up on beach. Photo: Stringer/AFP
Italian President Sergio Mattarella has urged the European Union not to "leave Italy alone" as it faces another tough summer. 23 comments
    Renzi risks losing Rome to Five Star in key local vote
    Five Star's candidate for mayor of Rome is polling ahead. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
    Renzi's Democratic Party risks losing Rome to Five Star movement in key municipal vote.  
      Bishops can be fired over child abuse 'negligence': Pope
      Pope Francis at a mass for priests in the Vatican on Friday. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
      Pope Francis is taking strong action against child abuse, which he once likened to taking part in a Satanic mass.  
        Six reasons why South Tyrol will absolutely blow your mind
        Photo: Luigi Alesi
        With valleys, lakes and forests nestled among the summits of the Dolomites, South Tyrol is a breathtaking wonderland. 
          This Caravaggio was chosen to honour Italy's refugees
          Caravaggio's 'Sleeping Cupid' has been unveiled in Lampedusa as part of a refugee-themed exhibition. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
          A masterpiece by the Italian master Caravaggio was unveiled on the Italian island of Lampedusa on Friday as part of a special refugee-themed art exhibition.  
          Why farmers in Puglia have turned to cannabis
          (T) Ilva steel factory in Taranto and (B) a cannabis plant. Photo: Mario Laporta/Justin Sullivan/AFP
          And it's all perfectly legal. 
          Refugee crisis
          Why Italy's facing another tough summer
          Over 46,700 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of this year. Photo: Giovanni Isolino/AFP
          The refugee crisis is testing the limits of Italian compassion. 
          Air Force video shows stunning Rome from above
          This video gives a jet's-eye view of Rome. Photo: Screenshot/The Local
          What does the Eternal City look like from above when travelling at 600 kmph? 
            Euro 2016
            Italy 'not among the favourites' in Euro 2016
            "On paper, we are capable of beating anyone," said Daniele De Rossi on the Italy team. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP
            Experienced Italian midfielder Daniele De Rossi has played down chances of success at Euro 2016, insisting Thursday that the Azzurri are "not among the favourites". 
              In pictures
              Italy's 'small, silent protest' against femicide
              The colour red, and particularly red shoes, have become a symbol of the struggle for women's rights in Italy. Photo: Stefan Barth/Flickr
              "Never again." 
              These are the best beaches within easy reach of Rome
              Sabaudia. Photo: Dorli Photography
              You don’t need to venture far to find some good beaches near Rome. And they're cheap to get to! 
              My Italian career
              Foreign, female and a self-made success in arduous Italy
              Linda Martinez (T, L), Amy West (B,L), Kathy Moulton (T,R) and Ginny Bevan (B,R)
              From an architect and dentist to a hotel owner and wedding planner, we chat to eight entrepreneurial women about the challenges (and joys) of running your own business in Italy. 2 comments
              Meet the expats making a career out of Italian food
              Katherine Wilson, one of the three expats, cooking with her Italian mother-in-law. Photo: Tara Crossley
              These three women are truly living the dream. 
              The ultimate guide to the insanity of driving in Italy
              Are you brave enough to tackle Italy's roads? Photo: Jun/Flickr
              From someone who still doesn’t entirely know how... 12 comments
              Eight of Rome's most tantalizing foreign food gems
              There are plenty of tacos to be found in Rome. Photo: Sacofat/Flickr
              Delicious though Italian food is, Romans and visitors alike often crave foreign food in the capital. But where can they find it? 3 comments
              More news
              Rome is on track to get its first ever female mayor
              Virginia Raggi. Photo: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP
              "Rome has to first and foremost get back to being a normal city," she says. 
              Five things you should know about Italy’s Republic Day
              Italy marks Republic Day on June 2nd. Photo: Andreas Solaro/AFP
              What exactly are we celebrating again? 
              Refugee crisis
              'Italy has a big heart, but we can't take everyone in'
              Some 46,473 people have landed on Italy’s shores since the start of the year. Photo: Giovanni Isolino/AFP
              Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on Wednesday rejected a call to take in all migrants and refugees, saying that even though Italy has a big heart, “we can’t take them all”. 
              Republic Day wash-out as cyclone brings storms
              Inclement weather is predicted across much of Italy for Thursday's bank holiday. Photo: Jody Sticca/Flickr
              If you're in the centre or north of Italy, Republic Day could well be a washout. 
              Are you paying too much for your rent in Italy?
              It's difficult to find reasonably-priced rental properties in Italy. Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr
              A new website shows you if you’ve nabbed a bargain or are paying over the odds. 
              From our other editions
              Freedom Party claims election fraud rife
              Heinz-Christian Strache. Photo: FPÖ
              Austria's far-right is probing "countless" cases of fraud in last week's presidential election that saw its candidate lose by a narrow margin, the party chief was quoted as saying on Sunday. 
              World agog at bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening
              File photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
              Flying angels, tapdancing workmen, gyrating ibex... the Gotthard Base Tunnel is inaugurated in style. 
              Dalai Lama says there are 'too many' refugees in Europe
              The Dalai Lama. Photo: DPA
              The Dalai Lama said in an interview published Thursday that Europe has accepted "too many" refugees, and that they should eventually return to help rebuild their home countries. 
              Denmark ready to cut off money to royal grandkids
              Queen Margrethe and her eight grandchildren waving to well-wishers on the queens's birthday last month. Photo: Ida Guldbæk Arentsen/Scanpix 2016
              Politicians appear ready to limit the number of Queen Margrethe’s grandchildren who get an annual salary from the state.  
              'British expats could lose right to live in Spain' warns Rajoy
              Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has issued a dire warning to British expats; a Brexit vote could mean losing the right to live and work in Spain. 
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              Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
              Five reasons Rome's mayoral elections actually matter
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              Ten Airbnb apartments where you'll feel at home in Rome
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              Did a Nazi official save Ponte Vecchio from destruction?
              How the brutal murder of an anti-mafia hero altered Sicily
              These are the best beaches within easy reach of Rome
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              Business & Money
              Foreign, female and a self-made success in arduous Italy
              How Italy's richest region is feeling the migrant strain
              Rome mulls 'metro museum' after new line unearths ruin
              Why Italy's facing a birth rate apocalypse
              Why talk of barriers is opening up old wounds in South Tyrol
              Huge Roman villa found under Amalfi church set to open
              Two men kicked off plane in what captain calls 'racist act'
              Meet the expats making a career out of Italian food
              'Staying single is why I'm the world's oldest person'
              Where can you find the best beaches in Italy?
              The ultimate guide to the insanity of driving in Italy
              Eight of Rome's most tantalizing foreign food gems