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Saturday, June 11, 2016

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What to do in 72 hours in Vienna
Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons
Scottish travel blogger Megan Conway on how to experience the best of the Austrian capital. 
Austria: no EU deal with Turkey over visas
Wolfgang Sobotka. Photo: Michael Kranewitter/Wikimedia
A deal to allow Turks visa-free entry to the EU as part of a wider accord with Ankara on curbing the migrant crisis cannot be completed by the July 1 deadline, Austria said Friday. 
Some of Austria's prettiest towns and villages
Photo: Johann Jaritz/wikimedia 
Although the Austrian capital Vienna holds the top spot for quality of life year after year, sometimes one just needs to get out of the city and go explore nature.  
How safe is Vienna’s drinking water?
darwin Bell/Flickr
Viennese researchers look into water quality and give verdict on the famous Viennese drinking water.  
Austrian collects 10 million bottle caps for a good cause
Der Musikverein Lunz
Austrian man collected 10 million bottles tops to raise money for a family in need in Lower Austria.  
Austrian extremists stage a 'stoning' in asylum lecture
Photo:Identitäre Bewegung Österreich/Facebook
Austria is hit by further anti-refugee unrest as extremists storm lecture theatre wearing burkas to carry out a 'stoning' and volunteers get attacked for offering free swimming lessons to refugee children.  
Migrant spat brews between Austria and Hungary
Austrian Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil. Bundesheer/Ricardo Herrgott
Hungary refused on Thursday to take back any of the several thousand migrants that Austria says should be returned under EU rules, adding to a brewing spat between the two neighbours. 
Angry Austrian driver bites traffic policeman
Manolo Gómez/Wikimedia
An Austrian policeman ended up being bitten by an angry woman driver after he stopped her while carrying out checks in Upper Austria. 
Austria sees 13 attacks on refugee centres in 3 months
Photo: ORF screengrab
There were 13 attacks on refugee centres in Austria in just the first three months of this year, according to the Interior Ministry.  
What to do in 72 hours in Vienna
Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons
Scottish travel blogger Megan Conway on how to experience the best of the Austrian capital.  
Austrian reported for 'forgetting' dog in hot car
VIER PFOTEN International
With temperatures steadily climbing in Austria, an animal rescue charity is warning pet owners not to leave their dogs alone in cars under any circumstances.  
Five unwritten rules about cake in Austria
Photo: Hotel Sacher
With Dunkin Donuts soon shutting its doors in Austria, the Local Austria has some ideas about why they struggled to find fans in the country. 15 comments
FPÖ failure shows opposition to rightward surge
Norbert Hofer, the failed FPÖ presidential candidate for Austria. Photo: Freedom Party
While far-right parties across Europe hailed the near-election of one of their own as Austrian president as a boost for their future prospects, his defeat shows that mainstream forces are still capable of rallying to keep extremists out of power. 
All you need to know about Austria's new president
Facebook/VanderBellen/Niko Ostermann
Fans affectionately call him "the professor", while his critics decry him as a haughty "green dictator". 
More news
World record amount of solar energy stored in Austria
(Symbolic picture) Marufish/Flickr
Austrian research team has made huge gains in critical environmental issue after managing to store world record amounts of thermal energy. 
Gold treasure worth €50K found in Austria
OÖ Landesmuseum
Archaeologists have unearthed gold treasure in Austria thought to be worth as much as €50,000. 
Graz killer driver moved to psychiatric hospital
Photo: ORF screengrab
A man who killed three people including a four-year-old boy when he drove his car at high speed through a pedestrian shopping zone in Graz last June will not be charged with murder, a court announced this week. 
Jewish author released after controversial fraud sentence
Jewish author Stephan Templ released and back in Prague after controversial eight-month fraud sentence. 
Meet the Austrian who might be going to Mars
Günther Golob/Facebook
He says he would bring 'fun' to the red planet but what else do we know about the Austrian who might be going to Mars? 
From our other editions
Sweatpant-wearing family denied Swiss passports
This particular casually-dressed gentleman has not applied for Swiss citizenship. Photo: Andy Bullock 
A family from Kosovo have had their application for Swiss citizenship refused, partly due to their habit of wearing jogging bottoms. 
German public pool bans the burqini
A woman swimming in a burqini in Berlin. Photo: DPA.
A town in Bavaria has said ‘nein’ to the burqini for Muslim women. 
Only one nation in the world is more peaceful than Denmark
Fly kites, not fighter jets. Photo: Colourbox
For the fourth year running, Denmark has been ranked second in the Global Peace Index.  
The Local list
Ten facts you probably didn't know about Spanish wine
Spain is the biggest exporter of wine in the world. Photo: LexnGer/Flickr
It was the Romans' favourite drink, a muse to Picasso and fell victim to the fascist regime of dicator Francisco Franco. 
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