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Monday, June 6, 2016

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Austrians condemn refugee centre arson at rally
Elysa W./Facebook
Hundreds stood in solidarity with asylum seekers at a rally on Sunday after a recent arson attack on a refugee centre. 
Austrian wins rent-free flat in treasure hunt
An Austrian woman is going to live rent-free for two years after winning the largest prize in a treasure hunt held in Vienna over the weekend. 
Two drown in Vienna's Neue Donau on Sunday
Photo: The Local Austria
Two men drowned in Vienna’s Neue Donau on Sunday evening in separate incidents, including a Swedish man who was attending the Rock in Vienna festival.  
'Catastrophic' weather topples crane in Austria
FF Gratwein
Hundreds of firemen continued to battle “catastrophic” weather conditions in parts of Austria over the weekend as the rain became so severe it brought down a crane on a building site. 
US rapper arrested for alleged rape in Vienna hotel
American rapper Freddie Gibbs has been arrested in France in connection to an alleged rape attack that took place in Austria last year. 
Kurz: Keep asylum seekers on islands
Sebastian Kurz. Photo: Bildagentur Zolles / Mike Ranz
Asylum seekers to the European Union should be held on islands rather than be allowed direct access to the continent, Austria's foreign minister has said. 
Five unwritten rules about cake in Austria
Photo: Hotel Sacher
With Dunkin Donuts soon shutting its doors in Austria, the Local Austria has some ideas about why they struggled to find fans in the country. 15 comments
Beavers cause €750K worth of damages in Austrian town
Sven Začek/Wikimedia
They may look cute and fluffy but a group of beavers have been driving one Austrian mayor mad after allegedly causing €750,000 worth of damage in his town.  2 comments
Austrian arrested in Hungary carrying six Syrians in his car
Where the arrest took place in Hungary. NordNordWest/Wikimedia
A 49-year-old Austrian has been taken into custody in Hungary after police carrying out checks discovered he was transporting six Syrians in his car. 
Austrian steelmaker carves out profit in hard market
Voestalpine AG
Austrian steelmaker Voestalpine said on Thursday it had pulled off a slight increase in full-year profits despite a "negative" international economic climate that has hampered steel and oil prices.  
FPÖ failure shows opposition to rightward surge
Norbert Hofer, the failed FPÖ presidential candidate for Austria. Photo: Freedom Party
While far-right parties across Europe hailed the near-election of one of their own as Austrian president as a boost for their future prospects, his defeat shows that mainstream forces are still capable of rallying to keep extremists out of power. 
All you need to know about Austria's new president
Facebook/VanderBellen/Niko Ostermann
Fans affectionately call him "the professor", while his critics decry him as a haughty "green dictator". 
Integrate refugees with help, not pity
Participants attend a German language course of the 'Fluechtlingsprojekt Ute Bock' (Refugees project Ute Bock) in Vienna. Photo: EPA/CHRISTIAN BRUNA
In the Austrian village of Gutau, inhabitants have set up a microcredit system to help refugees rent houses and start businesses. 
Photo Gallery
A visit to the Schloss Hof Easter Market
Photo: Jerry Barton
Amateur shutterbug Jerry Barton visited one of Austria's traditional Easter markets at Schloss Hof. 
Strong men in the 19th century Prater
Photo: Wien Museum
A new exhibition at Wien Museum is showcasing photos from Vienna's famous Prater fairground since 1766. 
More news
Austrian claims EU used photo of her dead husband
European Parliament
An Austrian woman whose husband died from non-smoking relating problems is claiming the EU are using without permission a picture of him on his deathbed as an anti-smoking warning on cigarette packets. 
Kampusch loses bid to ban revealing book
The house where Kampusch was held for eight years. Photo: Priwo/Wikimedia
Austrian Natascha Kampusch has lost her legal battle to prevent a book that reveals she was filmed naked by her kidnapper from being published. 
Expert agrees Graz killer driver was schizophrenic
Photo: ORF screengrab
The Graz driver who killed three when he forced his car down a busy pedestrian zone was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time, an expert has confirmed. 
Severe weather lashes central Europe
Catherine Singleton/Flikr/Creative Commons
Heavy rains lashing parts of France, Germany and Austria killed four people, cut roads, stranded others on rooftops and forced schools to close their doors on Wednesday. 
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World agog at bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening
File photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
Flying angels, tapdancing workmen, gyrating ibex... the Gotthard Base Tunnel is inaugurated in style. 
Dalai Lama says there are 'too many' refugees in Europe
The Dalai Lama. Photo: DPA
The Dalai Lama said in an interview published Thursday that Europe has accepted "too many" refugees, and that they should eventually return to help rebuild their home countries. 
Danish diversity ad a massive social media hit
The video was shared heavily in Denmark. Screenshot: Momondo
A new ad from the Copenhagen-based travel search engine Momondo has struck a nerve by showing Danes that they’re not quite as Danish as they think. 
'British expats could lose right to live in Spain' warns Rajoy
Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has issued a dire warning to British expats; a Brexit vote could mean losing the right to live and work in Spain. 
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