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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

The World's First Child-Sized Exoskeleton Will Melt Your Heart 

We’ve seen exoskeletons before, but nothing quite like this one. The new brace, developed by Spanish researchers, will help children with spinal muscular atrophy.

Do Different Kinds Of Alcohol Get You Different Kinds Of Drunk? 

When your friend gets tipsy and starts rambling about how tequila turns her into a savage party monster, and then your other friend vehemently calls bullshit, calmly put your hands up and say this: “Friends. Please. I got this.” And then explain to them what I’m about to explain to you.

Living Bacteria Can Now Store Data 

Using the CRISPR gene-editing tool, scientists from Harvard University have developed a technique that permanently records data into living cells. Incredibly, the information imprinted onto these microorganisms can be passed down to the next generation.

What's The Difference Between Cement, Concrete And Mortar? 

Video: Any handyman worth his salt should know the difference between cement, concrete and mortar. I am not that handyman. They’re all just grey sludge to me. But This Old House explains the difference between the three in a very easy to understand way.

People Used To Blame Earthquakes And Droughts On New Radio Technology 

New technology is scary. Just ask the people who think that their illnesses are caused by Wi-Fi. But blaming unfortunate things on newfangled technology has been happening for decades, if not centuries. Like when farmers of the 1920s used to blame too much rain, earthquakes and droughts on the new technology of radio.

Climate Change Made The Flooding In France More Deadly 

Last week’s flooding in France saw rivers reach their highest levels in 50 years, forcing the Louvre to move its art away from rising waters. After the floods caused 18 deaths and nearly one billion Euros in damage, French President Francois Hollande made a statement urging his country to take stronger action against climate change. Now a group of researchers have scientific evidence to back up Hollande’s plea, and have issued a report stating that human-caused climate change played an “important role” in France’s destructive deluge.

These Rocks Could Help Reverse Climate Change 

This may look like just another rock, but its so much more than that. It’s also a storage unit for carbon emissions — and it could finally give us a way to backtrack a bit on what we’ve done to our climate.

You Can Create Your Own Fake Traffic Jams With This Handy Simulator 

Every driver has experienced the frustration of traffic jams that develop out of thin air on the motorway — no accident, no lane closure, no presidential motorcade. Just a sudden, maddening, inexplicable slowdown. Now you can explore this phenomenon firsthand with an online interactive simulation.

Some Antidepressants Might Actually Be Harmful To Children And Teens 

A discouraging new study concludes that most antidepressants are ineffective for children and adolescents, and may even be harmful in some cases. But the researchers caution that the low quantity and quality of clinical trials are obscuring the true effects of these drugs.

The 10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World 

The importance of algorithms in our lives today cannot be overstated. They are used virtually everywhere, from financial institutions to dating sites. But some algorithms shape and control our world more than others — and these ten are the most significant.

This Might Get The World To Finally Pay Attention To Climate Change 

Six British warships stationed in the Persian Gulf are breaking down because the water is too hot. This week, members of the British Navy testified to the UK’s Defence Committee that their Type 45 destroyers keep losing power because of high ocean temperatures. When the ships’ turbines get overheated, they can’t generate as much energy, resulting in electrical failures.