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Monday, June 6, 2016


What exactly is going on within Jupiter's chaotic atmosphere is a question that has mystified astronomers for some time. Researchers have now peeled back the curtain by producing the most detailed radio map of Jupiter's atmosphere yet, revealing swathes of ammonia gas that drive its stormy weather. Read more
There's something intrinsically right about a quick, cheap hatch. It's a potent recipe, and one that Renault has almost perfected over the years, so it's with great excitement we welcome the little Twingo GT into the world. Read more
Netherlands-based tiny house enthusiast Marjolein Jonker's new home is definitely one of the more attractive examples of small living we've recently come across. The off-grid tiny house eschews the popular cute miniature cottage look in favor of a more clean-lined and contemporary design. Read more
Carlo Ratti Associati is fitting out an office building with sensors so that its lighting and heating will be automatically adjusted in real-time according to the needs of its occupants. Not only will Office 3.0 provide a convenient approach to comfort, but it could significantly reduce energy use.​Read more
Great strides have been made in artificial leaves that produce energy from water and sunlight. Now, scientists have developed the "bionic leaf 2.0," which increases the efficiency of the system well beyond nature's own capabilities, and used it to produce liquid fuels for the first time. Read more
It is in the more portable air purifying arena that startup Wynd is looking to make an impact, with a personal filter designed to keep you breathing easy when you're on the move. Read more
As well as making great strides towards its goal of a reusable launch system, SpaceX has made improvements in rocket engine technology which mean that while launch prices look like they are going up, they're actually going down.Read more
Joining the likes of lthe elliptiGO and Bionic Runner ​that offer a different take on pedal power, the LFN Bike combines a vertical pedal drivetrain with electric power for a totally unique way to get your legs pumping on two wheels.​Read more
An international team of researchers has found a way to create microscopically-small lasers directly from silicon, unlocking the possibilities of direct integration of photonics on silicon, and a significant step towards light-based computers. Read more
Launching today, Bose's new QuietComfort 35 headphones​ build on the outstanding active noise cancellation in its wired QC25 and QC15 predecessors, while adding Bluetooth wireless. We've been taking the cans for a spin. Read more
​How does a bike manage to stand out at LikeBike Monte Carlo, an international luxury bike show that's currently in its second year? Well, it helps if looks like it's rolled straight out of a Flash Gordon comic – and ECCE Cycles' Opus certainly does. Read more
Coming off a loss to Iveco on its 2016 campaign, Russian Dakar staple Kamaz has designed an all-new truck pointed directly at the 2017 Dakar event. The big, bad, blacked-out Master "Kapotnik" features a new layout and a 980-hp powertrain. Read more
When the New Shepard suborbital launch system takes to the skies later this month, flight engineers will create a controlled parachute failure to test the emergency systems designed to protect the crew in the event of such a scenario. Read more
Bose has evolved a couple if its top models for an even more convenient experience. Both the over-ear QuietComfort 35 and in-ear QuietControl 30 headphones feature cable-free active noise-canceling, with the latter also allowing user-adjustable levels. Read more
In the great outdoors, getting more out of a single tool means a better time at camp and less weight in your pack. The all-new Lantern works as an LED flashlight/lantern/bike light combo and also charges gadgets. Read more
​If a device has a companion app that gives weather forecasts, then that means the device itself doesn't predict the weather. Nonetheless, we have seen a few app-accompanied products that make such claims. The TARAbrella, however, is different. It's an umbrella that tells you if it's going to rain.​ Read more
It sounds like sci-fi: scientists create a weapon that neutralizes a bad invading entity and maybe even turns it into a force for good. That's a bit like what researchers have just done. Only the invaders are disease-causing liver cells and the "weapon" involves a bit more than special effects.​​ Read more
​Using data captured by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, a team of researchers from Purdue University has estimated the depth of the vast nitrogen ice pool believed to exist beneath the Sputnik Planum region on the dwarf planet Pluto. Read more
The latest to join the likes of the Fusion Guitar in bringing a modern twist to the play anywhere electric six string design is the Model One from ElectroPhonic Innovations, which is said to boast tube-like vintage tone and dial-in effects. ​Read more
Smart gloves aren't new, but most of the models we've seen are designed to work as accessories to smartphones. Now a London-based start-up wants its smart gloves, called Glovdi​, to replace your phone completely, moving the screen and functionality to the back of your hand like a big smartwatch. Read more
The Bentley Continental has been co-opted as the car of choice for the rich and famous, but you can't wear that slice of over-the-top British engineering to a party. Watchmaker Breitling has teamed up with Bentley for the solution to this pressing dilemma – the B06 Midnight Carbon. Read more
While it's nice to think electric cars are making a big difference to the environment, manufacturing them is still a dirty business. Nissan is aiming to change this at its Sunderland plant, which can now generate 11.25 MW of renewable energy thanks to a new solar farm. Read more
Car chargers sound like a pretty basic thing to have, right? Well, in this day and age, you may have several devices that need charging simultaneously. That’s why this single high speed USB car charger is equipped with 4 ports so you can handle all of your charging at once.Read more