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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Solar-concentrating thermal technology is being used to power the air-conditioning system of an entire shopping center in Australia solely from the rays of the sun. It is expected that this technology will help drastically reduce commercial building energy use.Read more
A Dutch collaboration is pushing the boat out with an idea of how to feed growing city populations despite decreasing amounts of space in which to produce food. The Floating Farm will produce various kinds of milk and yogurt from its location docked in the port of Rotterdam.Read more
​​Solar Impulse 2 has taken off from New York on the next leg of its around the world journey, which will take the record-breaking zero fuel aircraft across the Atlantic to Europe.Read more
Outrider's eBikes have earned themselves quite a following, among commuters who want a boost, and speed freaks. After a successful crowdfunding effort in 2014, Outrider's off-road capable Horizon is now available to buy, regardless of whether you're disabled or able-bodied. Read more
NASA intends to bring back the X-planes, a series of experimental aircraft designed to test out new technologies. Now the newest member of the family, dubbed the X-57, has been revealed. With 14 electric motors driving 14 propellors, the X-57 is designed to test greener propulsion technologies.Read more
Cybersecurity is a growing concern, and the US government has been tightening its digital defenses. In March, the Department of Defense invited hackers to “Hack the Pentagon”, in a competition designed to highlight its vulnerabilities, and now the results of that initiative have been released.Read more
New data has revealed that May 2016 was the planet's hottest such month on record, marking the 13th successive time a monthly global temperature record has been broken as atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the main reason for this warming trend, hits new levels over the South Pole. ​Read more
Few tests in motorsports are tougher than Le Mans, a point proven in brutal fashion by Toyota this morning. Leading the race with three minutes to go, the #5 TS050 Hybrid ground to a halt alongside the pits, handing victory to the Porsche 919 Hybrid for the second straight year. Read more
Sunday marked the fourth successive landing of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket and crew capsule, with the testing of emergency parachute systems also carried out as planned. ​Read more
Coming to London’s Kew Gardens is an installation from sculptor Wolfgang Buttress. The Hive is a light-, sound- and vibration-emitting structure controlled by the activity of bees in an actual beehive on the garden’s grounds.Read more
A detailed, video game-like simulation of a city environment called Synthia is proving a cheap and highly effective way of training AIs for self-driving cars quickly, cheaply, and with nearly no human input.Read more
New research reveals that when diabetics sustain wounds, the electrical fields around them are significantly weaker, leading to slower healing. By manipulating the electricity around wounds, researchers feel that they could speed the healing process and help diabetics thrive.Read more
The Moto Z​ is one of the boldest phones we've seen in a long time. It's a simpler, more elegant kind of modularity – with optional plates snapping magnetically onto its back. Let's see how it compares to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge​.Read more
As minibuses and vans go, you would think Mercedes' offerings would be about as high-end as you could get. Russia-based tuning outfit Redline Engineering, however, has taken a V-Class and a Sprinter and given them the super-luxury mobile office and tour van treatment.Read more
West Hollywood's Sunset Strip has long been associated with roadside advertisements and an architectural competition aims to capitalize on this with a new high-end billboard for the area. Four firms are involved in the project, including Zaha Hadid.Read more
This is Jeep's third consecutive year as a sponsor of the Harley-Davidson European H.O.G. Rally in Slovenia. Given that it's the 25th anniversary of the event, Jeep worked with Harley-Davidson to do something special: the hog-inspired Renegade Hell's Revenge. Read more
While drones often make the news for menacing aircraft, the unmanned aerial vehicles have also been used for more practical pursuits, like delivering medicine. An alliance of advocacy groups now plan to use that capacity of drones to stage a protest of Ireland and Northern Ireland's abortion laws.Read more
The YoCam isn’t just an adventure camera for capturing every ride, jump, and splash you experience – but it is definitely that. This tiny versatile camera is designed for life, and everything that entails. Set it up as a home security camera while you’re away, and use it as a selfie camera when the moment calls. It’s waterproof, miniature, and hooked up to versatile app that will allow you to edit and share anything, anywhere.Read more