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Friday, June 17, 2016


The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 is the company's first ever pure concept, and presents a fully autonomous vehicle that for all intents and purposes is a rolling luxury living room that gives you no reason to ever want to leave.​​Read more
Ready-to-fly racing drones are opening up this growing sport to a whole new generation of pilots that have no interest in soldering. Walkera's F210 3D is a wickedly quick racer in a box, built to take some serious abuse in a crash.Read more
By trapping photons inside a tiny gold cavity, scientists have created a hybrid state of light and matter. This could allow them to develop tiny on-chip lasers or tweak the chemical bonds of single molecules.Read more
A new residential development in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is aimed at treading lightly on the ground, while fostering a sense of community among residents. 122 Roseneath St., in Clifton Hill, will offer a variety of one- to three-bedroom apartments and townhouses with small footprints.Read more
Astronomers at Cornell University​ have done the sums to provide an estimate of when we might expect a call from ET, but don't worry about marking the date on your calendar – they believe contact isn't likely for another 1,500 years.Read more
​​You can't accuse Blue Origin of being entirely secretive. But when Jeff Bezos' New Shepard vehicle is fired into the air on Sunday he'll be giving space fans a real-time look at the action, with the company set to live stream one of its launches for the first time.​Read more
Olli is an autonomous electric bus unveiled by Local Motors today just outside Washington DC​. The on-demand bus, most of which is 3D-printed, will leverage the power of IBM's Watson supercomputer to talk to passengers en route.Read more
When you're preparing for one of the world's biggest, most challenging car races, sometimes it's good to blow off some steam. Aston Martin Racing team members did just that when they parked their V8 Vantage GTE cars and dropped into the "cockpit" of something Razor Crazy Carts.Read more
​Volkswagen's most recent announcement would suggest the suits in Wolfsburg are thinking well beyond the future of crude oil. The automotive giant is planning to release more than 30 new battery-powered models before 2025 in an attempt to sell between two and three million EVs by the same year.Read more
An asteroid has been discovered that orbits the sun, but also spins in its own little dance around the Earth. Somewhere between 120 ft (40 m) and 300 ft (100 m) in size, our traveling companion will continue to orbit us for many centuries to come.Read more
It's not just automotive powerhouses preparing for an electric driven future; smaller players are also developing electric powertrains in an attempt to put them ahead of the curve. The Haval HB-02 concept is evidence of this, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain offering 65 km of pure EV motoring.Read more
IronVision uses sensor and display technology originally developed for fighter and helicopter pilots, to provide a virtual 360º view of the battlefield to tank commanders.​Read more
​​If you've ever tried holding onto a spinning gyroscope, then you'll know how it "fights" you if you try to suddenly tip it over. Well, Imperial College London spinoff company GyroGear is utilizing that same principle in its new GyroGlove, which is designed to minimize hand tremors.​Read more
While advances have been made in replacing sections of bone and stimulating natural healing, researchers from Columbia University have developed a bone-growing technique that precisely replicates original structures in the head and face.Read more
​​A new, portable imaging system could have a big impact on doctors’ abilities to study patient tissue, both on a surface level, and further down. The technology combines optical and gamma imaging, and has already been successfully tested in a clinical pilot study.​Read more
​Fender has introduced a new online tool that allows musicians to customize a new build to match their individual needs. Players can choose from four base models and then modify the design by choosing from over 70,000 options. The guitar is then built and shipped out within a month.Read more
There are times when a 98 percent success rate is acceptable, but in the world of condoms that last two percent is worth striving for. Lelo, a notable purveyor of sex toys, wants to make (adult) playtime safer and more fun with a new, hexagon heavy condom design.Read more
The ExoMars 2016 mission passed a major milestone this week as the Trace Gas Orbiter mothership captured its first images of Mars. ESA said today that the spacecraft sent back the images on Monday, June 13 when it was 41 million km (25 million mi) from the Red Planet.Read more
The CampGuard lantern from Utah startup Bright Path LED packs a multifunctional feature set we haven't seen before. It works as a basic lantern, proximity sensor light and full-blown campsite alarm system.Read more
We’ve all heard from our mothers or our newspapers that drinking fluids will help keep you healthy. The HeyDo Cup takes that mantra to the next level by tracking your drinking habits, reminding you to drink water regularly, and measuring the purity level of the water you do drink. You’ve never met a cup so devoted to you!Read more