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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Learning from your mistakes is a key life lesson. After unintentionally creating nanorods, researchers realized their accidental invention behaves weirdly with water, demonstrating a 20-year old theory and potentially paving the way to low-energy water harvesting systems and sweat-removing fabrics.Read more
You and I hear things very differently. But Nura's adaptive headphones compensate for every ear's individual hearing curve so they sound incredible for everyone. We tried them out, and spoke with inventor and Nura co-founder Kyle Slater.Read more
Despite the absence of the new hardware, Sony's E3 event didn’t disappoint, with a host of new game reveals, as well as more in-depth looks at previous announced titles. Read on for our roundup of the biggest news from Sony at this year’s E3.Read more
This unnamed (and unfinished) nautical-themed tiny house can be outfitted to run off-the-grid and boasts its own small balcony. The home comprises a total floorspace of roughly 200 sq ft (18.5 sq m) and is currently up for sale at US$39,500. Read more
The Mercedes G500 4×4² will make the trip to the United States, where it will be sold as the G550 4×4² and unleashed upon remote stretches of Utah desert, Pacific Northwest forest, North Carolina mountain ... and a whole lot of good old fashioned highway in between. ​Read more
Yale scientists have created a method to significantly increase the power of laser light on a silicon chip by boosting it with sound waves. This new device promises more efficient fiber-optic communications and better data signal processingRead more
​Rain has stopped Venturi from taking the VBB-3 to the max in the past, but the team hasn't given up its dream of taking out the electric land speed record. With that goal in mind the French team will be back at Bonneville in September.Read more
​Planets that orbit two stars have traditionally been difficult to detect. NASA has today confirmed the discovery of the largest of these circumbinary planets, the imaginatively named Kepler-1647 b, some 3,700 light years away. ​​Read more
The water within freshwater lakes is regularly turned over by storms in the winter months, distributing oxygen to the lower levels and preserving the ecosystem. But scientists warn global warming might put the brakes on this process and compromise the health of our freshwater resources.Read more
Volvo has SPA, Volkswagen has MQB and now Mercedes has used TecDay in Stuttgart to announce a dedicated platform for pure electric cars, alongside plans for wireless EV charging and a hydrogen plug-in hybrid SUV.Read more
The modern stopwatch, or chronograph, was invented by Louis Moinet 200 years ago. To celebrate this, Ateliers Louis Moinet has released its Memoris Anniversaire wrist chronograph, which made its world debut at Baselworld in March as part of the company's Memoris line.Read more
Cotopaxi wants to cut down the tent overload and give you one tent for multiple activities. Its Inti 2 switches between lightweight backpacking tent for two and roomy car camping tent for four.Read more
The current generation Quattroporte has been an unquestionable success for Maserati with over 24,000 having been sold since 2013. The carmaker is Maserati is looking to keep the success rolling with a refreshed version of its big four door. Read more
Two years after revealing a prototype, and four years after beginning development, the UK's Elemental Motor Company is putting the final touches on its high-performance Rp1 roadster ahead of a 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed reveal. The Rp1 has gotten more power and a more optimized construction.Read more
NASA scientists have discovered that three powerful dust storms which occur each Martian year could pose a hazard to astronauts undertaking a mission to the Red Planet. ​Read more
For people can't tolerate one of the more popular ways to treat sleep apnea, a new chest implant that sends electrical pulses to a nerve in the tongue promises healthier rest, as reported in a new University of Pennsylvania (U Penn) study.Read more
It makes sense to think that picture-taking "removes" you from a situation, changing you from being a participant to being an observer. According to a new multi-university study, however, getting snapshots can actually make you enjoy experiences more.​Read more
At WWDC 2016 today Apple has been busy announcing improvements to its four software platforms, including iOS. iOS 10, due out later this year, doesn't have any major new headline-grabbing features but does include a host of minor improvements that should make the mobile OS more useful.Read more
​Apple kicked off its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco today by focusing on the changes coming to their smartwatch through the upcoming Watch OS3 update. Here are seven of the highlights.Read more
Microsoft has just unveiled a slimmer version of its Xbox One gaming console at E3 2016. It may, however, end up being overshadowed by the tease of a VR-ready successor that will launch late next year.Read more
The Museum of London has outgrown its current digs and is set to relocate to the city's West Smithfield area by 2021. A shortlist of six designs for the new museum were recently unveiled, including submissions by BIG, Caruso St John Architects, and Studio Milou.Read more
Apple has been talking developers through upcoming changes to its OS X desktop software, beginning with a new macOS moniker. This year's update is called macOS Sierra and it brings with it Siri for the desktop, tweaks to iCloud, and a lot of tabs.Read more
Set in the grounds of Cholmondeley Castle, in the verdant and rolling landscape of Cheshire, UK, the Cholmondeley Power and Speed (CPAS) show lets visitors see spectacular cars in a spectacular setting. Gizmag went along on Saturday to take in a festival that was fast, furious and fun.Read more
​The Pip-boy is iconic of the Fallout franchise's retro-futuristic charm. Last E3, the centerpiece of the preorder bonuses for Fallout 4 was a replica, which could hold iOS and Android smartphones and interface with the game. Now, Bethesda is one-upping itself with a functional Pip-boy smartwatch.Read more
In 2008, Nissan and PlayStation's creation of a gamer-to-racer competition was unprecedented. Now, the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy is an established contest entering its eighth year, with past winners who have gone on to real-life motor racing success.Read more
Renault has announced an update of its best-selling model, the Clio. Twenty-six years after its first appearance, the new Clio is more evolution than revolution, but Renault promises a higher-end car with refined exterior styling, more color options and a high-quality interior finish.Read more
Summer and lounging go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this inflatable lounge chair is the gold standard. Ultra portable and tough, inflated by a few quick scoops of air, and able to be deflated in just seconds, the Loungr Inflatable Chair is perfect for hiking trips, beach chilling, or even on the pavement at the neighborhood block party.Read more