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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Apple slashed the number of ports on its latest MacBook, resulting is a device that's just 13.1 mm (0.52 in) thick. HP decided to rework its hinges, giving us the 10.4-mm (0.41-in) thick Spectre. Asus is also getting "thin" on the act, with the new ultra-thin ZenBook 3 that slots in between the two. Read more
Houston, Texas-based Tend Building has constructed an unusual-looking tiny house on wheels dubbed Tiny Drop. Resembling a supersized teardrop with a big shell atop, the tiny home boasts a water filtration system and gets its electricity from solar power. Read more
Announced today at Computex, Dell's updated Inspiron line offers something a little out of the ordinary in the hybrid PC world: a 17-inch display. It's fair to say that you're more likely to be using its tablet mode on a coffee table than on your lap. Read more
We might be yet to see the Hyperloop in action, but that doesn't mean some international officials haven't already being inspired by the futuristic transport system. Russia is reportedly contemplating a Hyperloop-like project to connect the country from north to south, and east to west. Read more
The scientists behind the latest flexible electronics that can be worn on the skin like a tattoo claim to have developed the world's fastest stretchable circuit, providing what they see as a platform for the forthcoming era of blazing-fast 5G communications. ​ Read more
Having taken aim at Apple with its new ZenBook, Asus set the crosshairs on Microsoft with its latest Transformer. With a keyboard, pen and chipset that will be familiar to anyone who's seen a Surface Pro 4, the Transformer 3 Pro looks like a powerful alternative to Microsoft's two-in-one offering. Read more
The more that technology advances, the greater the variety of electronic gadgets that can be installed on our bikes. As it stands right now, they're almost all stand-alone items. Randall Jacobs and Kyle Manna hope to change that, however, with their OpenBike "connected bicycle ecosystem." Read more
In case you weren't onsite to see the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) inflated aboard the ISS for yourself, NASA has released a handy time-lapse video that shows the module grow to size. Read more
Delivering urgent medical supplies to isolated areas seems a particularly good fit for drone technology. The Norman Foster Foundation is developing such a scheme, and the first prototype Droneport was recently displayed at this year's Venice Biennale. Read more
​Although e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, we're also hearing more and more about smart bikes. VanMoof has just jumped on the bandwagon with its aptly-named SmartBike, which should prove particularly challenging to thieves.​Read more
The Zenbo home robot from Asus has been created to offer busy family members a helping hand with everyday tasks like keeping the kids entertained, controlling connected smart devices and providing recipe inspiration for mealtimes. The company also sees it acting as a remote guardian for the elderly. Read more
The Rosetta probe has discovered evidence that key ingredients for life on Earth exist in the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's atmosphere, throwing further weight behind the idea that these icy trailblazers can double as life-giving space couriers. Read more
Early detection is paramount to survival from bowel cancer, but existing methods are either unreliable or invasive. Russian scientists hope to change this with a new hydrogel biochip that probes blood serum for cancer antibodies, and far outstrips traditional methods of detecting the cancer. Read more
At last count the grand total of exoplanets discovered stands at 3,268. A team of astronomers has set their sights on one of them, and through computer simulations determined that it could harbor a rocky composition, oceans and, potentially, even life. Read more
A new concept from Volvo Trucks is said use 30 percent less fuel compared to typical long-haul trucks. Among the features that are said to improve the efficiency of the Volvo Concept Truck are an aerodynamic design and reduced weight. Read more
Last October, Sikorsky's CH-53K King Stallion heavy lift helicopter made its maiden flight. That marked the start of a three-year, 2,000-hour test program that has continued with the aircraft making its first external load flight test carrying 20,000 lb. Read more
In February, Qualcomm ushered in its SnapDragon Wear line with the 2100 SoC designed as the brain for multi-purpose wearable devices such as smartwatches. At Computex 2016 the company has extended the line with the SnapDragon Wear 1100 intended for smaller, targeted-purpose wearables. Read more
We've scoured the App Store for the best apps you probably don't know about. Then we bundled them together and delivered them here at a price you won't find anywhere else. From Data Rescue, one the very best Mac recovery apps, to Painter Essentials, a rarely discounted digital art app, this bundle will give you tools to succeed that you never even thought existed. Read more