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Thursday, June 9, 2016

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June 8, 2016|View as webpage
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Woman steals, crashes SF Fire Dept. ambulance
Mich. truck slams into bicyclists, killing 5
Transgender EMT sues hospital for discrimination, harassment, bullying
911 delay investigation report to be released: Officials said a delay in dispatch to a multi-scene crash caused three additional accidents to occur
LA Fire Dept. proposes plan for alcoholics who overuse 911 system:The program would reduce repetitive emergency calls and increase first responder availability
Richard Beebe, paramedic/educator, dies after crash: He was struck by a minivan on May 26 and received initial on-scene care from two of his students
Long time paramedic, EMT has home destroyed by fire
Va. ambulance company folds waiting for Medicare reimbursement
EMS, Fire chief found dead in creek
Man reportedly falls into Yellowstone hot spring
Paramedics save cardiac arrest victim at AHA conference
Last known 9/11 search dog dies at 16
Taylor's G-Forceâ„¢ Fitted Sheet Series: Designed for Stryker® XPS mattress
Fluid resistant, fluid impervious and heavy duty versions protect the mattress and patient against cross-contamination. Designed to aid in patient transfers up to 350 lbs. The soft linen-like elastic fitted design maximizes patient comfort.
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EMS agencies must embrace, adapt to constant change
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Contributor
A growing population with more chronically ill patients and budget pressures demands all EMS agencies to provide appropriate services.
Embrace change 
Community paramedicine isn't a fire department cash machine
By Catherine R. Counts, EMS1 Columnist
Dallas' program is under fire for not making money, and that's OK. Here are 5 steps to a successful community paramedicine program.
Making a difference 
First person: Sexually assaulted, harassed as an EMS explorer
By Anonymous, EMS1 Contributor
The firefighters who assaulted a young woman pursuing her paramedic dream are still at the department she was dismissed from.
Fighting back 
Richard Beebe: A trusted friend, expert teacher and passionate EMS advocate
By Mike McEvoy, EMS1 Columnist
Beebe had powerful beliefs about EMS, the provision of EMS education, lifelong learning and professionalism.
Remembering Beebe 
Medication Administration
Steve Whitehead reminds paramedics of the importance of drawing up a medication dose into a syringe and what to do with the remaining medication in a vial.
Watch the video 
Use of the bougie for intubation
Visual tour of EMT training
The Quick Med Claims Experience
Quick Med Claims is a leader in emergency medical transportation billing.
Toughbook CF-19 MK4 – 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 3yr warranty – Only $1,395!
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1,316Ga. agency offers state’s first ECMO specialty ambulance
382LA Fire Dept. proposes plan for alcoholics who overuse 911 system
331ECMO: 5 things paramedics need to know
2864-year-old survives internal decapitation
2288 tips for responding to in-flight emergencies
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