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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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In our most recent edition of Paramedic Chief, Robert Avsec detailed the important role that online education plays in preparing to work in EMS or staying up-to-date on changes. More departments and agencies are moving toward a blended learning model, and agencies who are not embracing an online training component will be left behind.

For our regular readers, you've likely seen an announcement via email or on our website regarding the launch of EMS1 Academy. As someone who has been involved with training for a long time, I'm greatly impressed by the Academy, which has more than 180 courses and 225 hours of continuing education. As EMS providers continue to face challenging issues such as responding to active shooter incidents and implementing a community paramedicine program, there is an ever-increasing need for effective training programs which can minimize loss of life and improve a community's overall health.

Whether you're an individual looking to grow your skills and maintain your license or you're responsible for training at your department and would like a free demo, I recommend checking out the EMS1 Academy.
— Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
Rescue flight leaves South Pole with 2 sick US workers
Orlando shooting survivor thanks strangers who saved his life
Baby dies after being left in hot car, father puts her in fridge
Parents treat ill son with maple syrup, blame EMS for death: The parents claim first responders did not have the proper equipment to save their son
Ill. fire dept., medical center to partner on new medical program: The program targets those who repeatedly call 911 and use the ER to address chronic illnesses
'Nothing can prepare you mentally' says Orlando medic after mass shooting: 'We're human – we cry, we laugh. We train to move on, but it's still in our head'
Volunteer at Red Cross goes into cardiac arrest, CPR teachers revive him
EMS helicopters to carry blood for emergency transfusions
Lightning, storms kill over 90 in India
75 paramedic students complete all-day field ops training
Man helps family in crash, gets billed $140 by first responders
Jail elevator delays police medic response, inmate dies
It's All About the Breath: Respiratory Status and Capnography Webinar
View this free, on-demand webinar on using capnography to assist a patient in respiratory distress.
View the archived version
The air-Q sp® is the Only Rescue Airway with a Self-Pressurizing Mask Cuff
air-Q sp® eliminates the extra step of inflating the mask cuff and eliminates mask cuff overinflation.
Learn more
911 outages a danger to all
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Modern and legacy 911 telecommunication systems have weaknesses and potential failure points, which puts everyone at risk.
Head of the beast 
Sober legal advice for LAFD's new EMS program
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
The LAFD SOBER unit for Skid Row's frequent users is a good idea, but potential dangers to paramedics cannot be ignored.
Grave concerns 
Bullying drove young paramedic to brink of suicide
By Sarah Mielke, EMS1 Contributor
Coworkers bullied and tormented a young medic during a difficult period of her life instead of training, mentoring and supporting her.
Speak up 
Are you smarter than an EMT student? 
By Limmer Creative, EMS1 Columnist
Share your results and challenge your EMS colleagues to prove they learned and retained the preparatory information from EMT school.
Test your knowledge 
Supplemental oxygen and fluids for violent, restrained patients
In this episode on patient restraint Steve Whitehead discusses the importance of supplemental oxygen and fluid resuscitation.
Watch the video 
How to make a differential diagnosis
Top Gear ambulance challenge
5566 success steps for diagnosing altered level of consciousness
321EMS helicopters to carry blood for emergency transfusions
240Man helps family in crash, gets billed $140 by first responders
16775 paramedic students complete all-day field ops training
147NY stabbing victim dies after ambulance crashes
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