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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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June 13, 2016|View as webpage
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LODD: FF-AEMT suffered heart attack after training
Orlando trauma surgeons discuss shooting aftermath
Driver attempts to pass ambulance, crashes into home
Orlando shooting: Paramedic posted play-by-play as incident unfolded: An off-duty paramedic used a radio-traffic app to post live Facebook updates 
EMTs caught ignoring dispatch call in fast-food line resign: Video shows the EMTs waiting for their food at White Castle instead of answering a call from dispatch
Community paramedicine agreement approved for 11 Nev. EMS agencies:The bill makes the agencies eligible for Medicaid reimbursements
DC Fire, EMS chief: Private ambulances improve EMS
NY EMS agency takes new approach to MCI
Ill. town leads paramedic training for police, civilian dogs
Community paramedic bill signed by Colo. governor
Baltimore 911 system crashes
New bride, in wedding gear, gives CPR to woman on street
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Orlando shooting is latest teaching event for emergency responders
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
EMS leaders need to study successes and failures as an opportunity to reduce death and disability from the next mass shooting.
Takeaway lessons 
Orlando shooting: No HIPAA waiver needed or granted
By Margaret Keavney, EMS1 Contributor
EMS organizations must have a HIPAA policy to direct when and who can provide information about a patient.
Know the law 
Prevent Back Injuries with Binder Lift 
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Save on Micro Mist Nebulizer w/ Tee, Mouthpiece & Tubing
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Epi label change will cut medication errors
By Amanda Lent, PharmD, EMS1 Contributor
Epinephrine is now labeled for mass dose, like other medications, which is an important step toward patient safety.
Know the changes 
Prevent EMS medication errors with checklists and job aids
By Center for Patient Safety, EMS1 Columnist
Most EMS providers have seen a medication error attributable to poor system design and lack of safety behaviors.
Avoid mistakes 
Citizens as first care providers at fire and EMS incidents
How is your EMS agency engaging citizens as "force multipliers" for fire and EMS incidents?
Watch the video 
Last Call: Paramedic-educator Richard Beebe
Tips for Starting IVs
926New bride, in wedding gear, gives CPR to woman on street
691Why EMS personnel need an off-duty bailout bag
575Maine council to decide new fees for excessive nonemergency calls
263Orlando shooting victim planned to become an EMT
173Orlando trauma surgeons discuss shooting aftermath
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